Distracted Driver Cameras To Spread Across North America


Imagine driving down a highway in North America or a city street and wondering if anywhere is safe from Big Brother’s prying eyes.

That might soon become a reality if we allow politicians and officials to install distracted driving cameras along every highway and street. 

An article in iPhone in Canada revealed that an Australian company called Acusensus wants to do just that by expanding Big Brother’s prying eyes to identify distracted drivers in North America.

“Acusensus, an Australian company that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to spot distracted drivers, made a pitch at the 2019 International Conference on Urban Traffic Safety in Edmonton on Friday. After completing pilot projects in Australia, the company is seeking opportunities in North America and beyond, including Canada.”

According to Acusensus “Solutions” page, their distracted driving cameras would give police yet another way to spy on motorists 24/7.

Our camera system penetrates windshields to provide high resolution images 24/7, while our algorithms provide automated recognition to detect those drivers illegally touching a mobile phone.

  • Consistent all-weather solution. Almost completely unaffected by darkness or by sun glare.
  • Detection of all vehicles via high performance sensor technology, which also provides accurate speed and tracking information.
  • Advanced automated recognition system minimizes false positives while ensuring no true offenses are discarded.
  • Enforcement pedigree, encrypted and signed traceable packages from the camera onward. (Encrypted police communication.)

Acusensus understands the end to end process, including the defensibility of the evidence in court. 

What they should say instead is, they understand the end to end process of taking a picture of the distracted driver, capturing an image of their license plate and then issuing a citation.

And that is the real reason why North American cities will want to identify distracted drivers; MONEY.

It is not enough that we have automatic license plate readers, E-ZPass readers, CCTV traffic cameras, and Stingray devices that record everywhere we go 24/7. But now Acusensus wants Big Brother to purchase another device to spy on motorists.

Acusensus “Solutions” page also boasts that they can provide instant feedback via their car’s Bluetooth to a driver that they have been caught and identified breaking the law.

Their surveillance cameras would also allow law enforcement to conduct on-the-spot policing otherwise known as real-time ticketing of distracted drivers.

How is that for Orwellian?

The company is so sure that police will be using their product to spy on motorists that they expanded their sales team in North America,

“Mark Etzbach will work closely with authorities and partners in North America to rollout the ‘Acusensus Heads-Up’ solution as a pioneering multifunctional enforcement system against illegal mobile phone use, speeding, unregistered and other risky behaviors.”

Acusensus’s so-called “pioneering multifunctional enforcement system” is just corporate doublespeak for real-time spying and ticketing.

The last thing Americans need are more surveillance devices that track our every movement and we certainly do not need or want a real-time ticketing system.


9 thoughts on “Distracted Driver Cameras To Spread Across North America

  1. Fck these assholes

    Stay off my lawn and out of MY country

    And while yer at it , pull your head out of my ass

    Our tax dollars being used to subjugate us
    Rob us kill us and watch us

    Scared much you fckin pussies?

  2. Back in the 1980’s we used to laugh at “Mother Russia” with the KGB, China, and other communist countries, always spying on their citizens 24/7. Now here we are in 2019 and things are even worse right here in the “land of the fee and home of the slave”. How “Orwellian” will it get? The answer has always been the same: as much as the American people allow it to.

  3. I, for one, do not accept the technological overlords. They can kiss my wrinkled old ass.
    My wife already provides a steady revenue stream through the red light cameras ticketing her everywhere she goes. Just got another one yesterday. $124.00.
    I wonder how much would they ding me for being a tokin’ driver, who is anything but distracted. “Highly” focused.

    1. I’m a truck driver and I have one in my truck. One camera facing out, and one pointed at me. Mind you, for 4 days a week I live in my truck. It’s my home. Imagine that. I’m constantly being watched. We have a no phones policy, and I can’t even have my phone mounted on the dash, it can’t be in view of the camera at all or someone will say something. It has audio too.. I actually listen to the Trenches broadcast in my truck every morning, I’m sure they hear it, maybe someone will think I’m a threat… no bluetooth headset to talk to my family either. They literally watch everything we do. We had a guy get fired because he got lost and was looking at Google maps for directions. Personally, I think this is what they wanted all along. Its going to be required in cars. Just wait. They used us truckers as freaking guinea pigs for this.

  4. Good luck with that out here when “escaped” cows maul one o’ those cameras on the hwy outside the POA, or a deer or an antelope or a mountain lion… And that sure as hell won’t work INSIDE the POA…if a burro can knock over an electric pole…and oh yeah, bears…

  5. “And that is the real reason why North American cities will want to identify distracted drivers; MONEY.”

    “For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.” 1 Timothy 6:10 KJ

    Their ‘god’ is MAMMON.

  6. This is going to be a lot worse than bolshevism.
    The tech is in the hands of the ‘jew’ psychos.

    Ever noticed how the ‘jew’ landbridge stretches from manhattan to los angeles…passing through the south
    to it’s southern command center the splc. Then the tendrils go to Austin then to denver albuquerque phoenix, and on to southern california.

    There’s extra effort being made to divide the south. Texas is the last link and the land bridge in the south will be complete.

    Just look at the 2016_Nationwide_US_presidential_county_map_shaded_by_vote_share.

    Now compare that map to the one showing israel eating palestine over time.


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