Dog runs down street with a HUMAN HEAD in its mouth

Daily Mail

A dog has run down the street with a decapitated human head clutched in its jaws after snatching it from a grisly crime scene in Mexico.

Terrified residents in the violence-plagued state of Zacatecas in the country’s north saw the animal fleeing a crime scene with the chopped-up head.

Officials said the dismembered head had been left at an ATM booth in Monte Escobedo late Wednesday, with a sign warning that ‘the next head is yours’.

The head was left on a cardboard placard with a message apparently signed by the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG), one of the most feared cartels in the world headed by El Mencho, the most-wanted person in Mexico.

The message named an adversary belonging to the Operativo MZ cartel and read: ‘The next head is yours.’

Before police were able to establish the crime scene and investigate the killing, the stray dog made off with the corpse’s head.

A video posted on social media showed the dog trotting down a darkened street, holding the head by the neck in its jaws, apparently intending to take it to a safe place to eat it.

Police then had to wrestle the head back from the dog.

Pics and the rest is here:

2 thoughts on “Dog runs down street with a HUMAN HEAD in its mouth

  1. And our idiots that think they are in charge want you to give up your guns as they allow this scum to enter our country

    1. Excerpts from “The Stranger” by Rudyard Kipling, 1908

      The Stranger within my gate,
      He may be true or kind,
      But he does not talk my talk–
      I cannot feel his mind.
      I see the face and the eyes and the mouth,
      But not the soul behind.

      The Stranger within my gates,
      He may be evil or good,
      But I cannot tell what powers control–
      What reasons sway his mood;
      Nor when the gods of his far-off land
      Shall repossess his blood.


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