Farmer Sentenced to 10 Years for Killing Daughter’s ‘Abusive’ Boyfriend, Dumping Him in Manure Pile

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A 62-year-old Vermont farmer has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for murdering his daughter’s boyfriend and dumping him in a manure pile.

Stephen Pelletier had previously pleaded no contest to second-degree murder in the killing of Michael Wisell, 25, who was shot in the back and the head and had his throat slit, authorities said.  

The farmer said his daughter was locked in an “abusive” relationship with Wisell that was fueled by violence and heroin addiction.

Judge Cortland Corsones accepted Pelletier’s plea agreement and sentenced him to 20 years Tuesday, with 10 years suspended.

Corsones admonished Pelletier for taking the law into his own hands and not reporting the victim’s abusive behavior toward Jessica Pelletier, his daughter.

The plea agreement followed two days of emotional testimony in Pelletier’s sentencing hearing, the Rutland Herald reported.

His daughter testified that Wisell introduced her to heroin, to which she also became addicted, and frequently threatened to kill her and her family.

The victim’s family members denied those claims and said Wisell was a kind man who was trying to get his life back on track.

He was killed in 2014. Pelletier acknowledge shooting Wisell in the back on his farm. He turned Wisell over and shot him in the forehead, then cut his throat after he was dead, he said.

“I gave into anger and did something terrible,” Pelletier told the court this week. “I understand I must be punished.”

20 thoughts on “Farmer Sentenced to 10 Years for Killing Daughter’s ‘Abusive’ Boyfriend, Dumping Him in Manure Pile

  1. Reading endless stories about horrible things done to victims, I sometimes wonder, as do others here, where the hell was the father? Why don’t fathers avenge the rapes, tortures, murders of their own children? Well, here’s a father who did do something, and look at what it got him.

    His story instructs the majority of men to remain passive and tolerant regardless of what’s happening to their wives and kids. But self-immolation to avoid prison misses a much larger lesson. Ten years might very well have been an excellent trade-off to permanently get that guy out of his daughter’s and grandchildren’s lives. And it wouldn’t be the first time a hero has been sent to prison.

    The punishment for inaction could have easily been much, much worse than ten years behind bars. And that punishment lasts for life.


  2. It’s like I tell all my daughters boyfriends

    I don’t have a problem going BACK ,to prison

    It’s either that or 20 acres and a tractor

    Btw never been to prison , but they don’t know that

      1. I liked the one day this guy comes over to take my daughter out on a date
        I had just got done reloading 12guage shot shells and just happened to have one in my hand
        He’s standing in my living room waiting for her to say good bye to mom

        I chucked the empty 12 gauge shell al him and said
        It moves a hell of a lot faster after midnight
        Get her home on time , ok son?

        I think by this time my daughter may have been warning them about me

    1. In pieces, and over several acres. Post hole digger works great for the pieces to be eliminated in due course.

  3. I have told a few unwelcome visitors that it is customary in this part of the country for every farmer to have a backhoe, not for ag work, but for disposal of the bodies. Problem solved, one way or the other.

    1. distribution over several acres would be a wise procedure, post hole digger would be a good tool for that.

  4. “… who was shot in the back and the head and had his throat slit,…

    LOL… double-tap with a twist?

    “Corsones admonished Pelletier for taking the law into his own hands and not reporting the victim’s abusive behavior toward Jessica Pelletier, his daughter.”


    1. With all the B.S. one see’s in the movies, wonder why they never seem to show Dad (quietly) getting justice for his loved one, from 1000 yards?

        1. Right #1
          I’m sure it has happened but they sure won’t put that on the news.
          They want people to think direct up close confrontation, at their convenience , is the only way. 🙂
          “When the guns empty, frown and throw it away, same with the empty canteen.
          Much more….
          All B.S.

          1. Their entire ’empire’ is built on nothing more than B.S., Bob.

            But their Matrix is starting to unravel… thanks mainly to the internet.

          2. #1 I had a stubborn friend I’ve known since 1980 stop by for a bit, a few days ago.
            When he started talking about The Orlando shooting as if it was real, I just told him “you obviously missed the part where they screwed up and were carrying a wounded guy “toward” the shooting scene and let him down when they thought they were out of camera range then stood, looking back at the camera.
            My friend has to think the same of Sandy Hook… me the shakes…. I told him he really needed to get a computer. I did set him up in 1997, but he let the opportunity slide.
            Imagine no internet and thinking you know something? One stubbornly thinks, “I got the shit, right up here in the old noggin, because that’s what they told me on TV or in the newspapers.
            I pissed him off a couple times. Awhile back I got fed up and told him, “if you get all your information from newspapers and TV, you know less than nothing!” He got pissed……. You can’t help the stubborn and willingly ignorant.
            A classic case of “blue Pill”
            It’s a sad confusing story, with the internet.

          3. “Imagine no internet and thinking you know something?”

            Not entirely true, Bob.

            Although it was the internet that first woke me up, the vast majority of my research was derived from dvds & books (which I DID order online, however).

            If I can’t even wake up those who’ve known me all their lives (family), I don’t expect much more from those who don’t know me as well.

            The t.v. ‘programming’ agenda is very powerful Kool-Aid.

          4. Right #1, I’ve already though of that, I’ll be starting my third book in a week, tonight.
            What I meant was more inline with nobody reads books anymore. I do have another friend who devours anything WWII, books and all. Largely useless because of revisionist history. He’s seen and believes the Holocaust true, because of the photos. He knew little about the Liberty, but that again figures. You mentioned there’s a bigger problem, most don’t want to know. I figure they don’t want to know NOW, but they will, when their tit’s in the wringer…..Soon.

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