Fire departments are installing DHS ‘terrorism warning sirens’ near schools


The war on terror just keeps getting more and more ridiculous every year. Nothing says BS, quite like spending taxpayer dollars on Homeland security sirens designed to scare everyone.

DHS is giving fire departments hundreds of thousands of dollars to install fear-inducing sirens across the country.

The program is called the Homeland Security Grant Program Warning Sirens Project’ or the ‘Hazard Mitigation Grant Program’ (HMGP). DHS’s ‘terror siren project’ is also called the ‘Notification/Early Warning Siren Sustainment Project’.  

“The award of federal hazard mitigation funds is instrumental in ensuring the residents of Genesee County will remain safe during an emergency,” said Capt. Chris A Kelenske of the Michigan State Police Emergency Management and Homeland Security Division (MSP/EMHSD).  “This mitigation project is a positive example of local, state and federal agencies working together to prepare for and respond to all hazards.”

“HMGP provides grants to state and local governments to implement long-term hazard mitigation measures. Through HMGP, FEMA will pay 75% of the $512,100 eligible project cost.  The remaining 25% of the funds, $133,375, will be provided by Genesee County, in Illinois.”

If violent crime is at an all-time low why do we need ‘terror sirens’?

Fire Departments are installing ‘terror warning sirens’ near schools

A recent article in the Dayton Daily News revealed that fire departments are installing DHS terrorism warning sirens near schools.

“The new sirens would be located near South Main Street and Interstate 70 and near Northmoor Elementary School.”

“Once installed, Englewood citizens will have the most comprehensive siren alerting system in the country,” Fire Chief E. Bergman Jr.,Bergman said.

DHS is slowly creating a nationwide ‘terror warning siren’ program

States like Washington DCGeorgiaPennsylvaniaKentuckyCalifornia and Minnesota have already installed DHS ‘terror sirens’. A 2004 Boston Globe article warned that states across the country are spending millions of dollars on DHS ‘terror sirens’.

“Today, there’s a new pool of federal funds for emergency management, and in a country fearful of terrorism… Many more places are looking at installing new systems, including Wilmington, Del., and Baltimore, which plans to spend $2 million for , high-tech sirens.”

Are ‘terror sirens’ being installed near schools to keep people in fear?

DHS ‘terror sirens’ emit an up-and-down tone 

According to the Illinois government ‘Outdoor Warning Sirens’ page, DHS ‘terror sirens’ will emit and up-and-down rising and falling tone to scare everyone.

Prepare to be scared and listen to DHS’s warning signal: Attack [MP3, 295KB, 1:00 – 1 min]

According to SafetyCom, Inc. DHS’s ‘terror sirens’ will be followed by a clear and powerful voice message.

This two step approach, alert and inform will eliminate confusion, restore order, and most importantly save lives! All of SafetyCom’s voice capable sirens can broadcast both pre-recorded messages as well as live public address.”

DHS has a long history of scaring the public
image credit: NewsBlogs CNN

In 2002,  DHS created the much-maligned color-coded national terror alert system which was finally mothballed in 2011.

If DHS’s color-coded terror system was a failure, then why are states spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on ‘terror sirens’? Why has the mass-media ignored another bogus DHS terror program?

Keeping Americans in fear is what our government does best.

7 thoughts on “Fire departments are installing DHS ‘terrorism warning sirens’ near schools

  1. Illinois, so that siren has been going off for decades now ? Warning if the impending doom of liberalocity, Chicago murder rate, NO HANDGUNS, and general inability to pay the pipe dream that was promised to all the state and county pigs and judges. HAH. Folks if need be these things are not difficult to disable, use your best judgement.

  2. Yes, this is pure stupidity. Terrorism (other than the kind committed by the government) is extremely rare in the West and inconsequential to nearly everyone’s lives. But on the rare occasions when it does happen, how are sirens going to change anything? That’s completely f–king retarded.

    I agree that this about fearmongering. The idea is to scare the public so they won’t object to the spending of tax dollars on security systems that are totally useless for anything except making money for the vendors who sell them. It’s just another instance of crony capitalism.

  3. Always in the name of “safety”. They use the “safety” excuse so much that it’s beyond wearing thin now. It’s like a trend that just won’t die. I’m so sick of that buzzword that every time I hear it it makes me angry. How crazy is that? Whoever thought the word “safe” can make you go crazy? Welcome to the backwards Commieworld.

    By the way, why do we need these? When has there ever been an act of terror or violent crime in your neighborhood other than the usual crime here and there? This is such a billlshit waste of money it’s not even funny.

  4. “DHS is giving fire departments hundreds of thousands of dollars to install fear-inducing sirens across the country.”

    Merely audio reinforcement of the fear-inducing ‘programming’ they receive from the idiot box.

    Stupid sheeple.

    Chump’s gonna save ya, don’cha know.

  5. Probably the stupidest idea I’ve heard from these idiots. It,s like a godamned air raid siren. How dumb is that?

  6. If they would get rid of the CIA, FBI, DHS, TSA they wouldn’t have to worry about terror attacks.

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