2 thoughts on “Food for Thought

  1. Haha! So true. So true. I had a friend who told me the other day that she doesn’t even see the point in celebrating Christmas anymore, because people only care about killing each other over gifts rather than being thankful for what you have and for just expressing the simple act of giving and celebrating the birth of Christ. She said now it’s all about “Why didn’t you get me what I asked for?” or “I don’t like this gift. I’m taking it back for something else.”, thus destroying the spirit of Christmas. Instead of being thankful and happy that someone thought of them, they bitch and kill people or make their lives a living hell if they don’t receive a gift from them. In the workplace, your boss will never promote you or hold a huge grudge against you the enter time if you don’t give him or her a Christmas gift and in some cases, it becomes one of their justifications in deciding between which of two people get layed off after the holidays or not. So sad.

    As I said before, this country has turned its back on God and so He has turned His back on us. Until we turn back to Him again and re-educate our children with proper morals and our true history and heritage, then this spirit of happiness and giving and will be gone forever.

    Hell, they are even replacing “Merry Christmas” with “Happy Holidays” with all of that “Political correctness” crap. It’s disgusting and must be stopped along with those Zionist/Communists who started it all.

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