Grassroots Movement to Descend on Arizona This Week in Operation Detain McCain

Freedom Outpost – by Tim Brown

Senator John McCain (R-AZ) not only got his nickname “Songbird” for alleged treasonous activity while in Vietnam (though he has been hailed by many as a hero), but has taken completely unconstitutional stand and has engaged in treasonous activities in recent years with America’s Islamic enemies, even going so far as to say he helped to fund and arm the now infamous Islamic State. Now, a grassroots movement has formed and will descend on Arizona this week to demand the Arizona senator be held accountable for his actions.

The launch date for Operation Detain McCain will begin on September 1. Click here to read the full itinerary.  

“Homeless Veterans will march upon McCain’s office and fellow Veterans will demand that unless Senator McCain doesn’t immediately alleviate their homelessness, homeless Veterans will be encouraged to camp out and live at his office indefinitely as a visual reminder of his willful negligence,” the website reads. “McCain has been given until September 5th to (a) put a roof over their head & give them an environment where they can get on their feet and become productive and (b) get them adequate healthcare they deserve.”

“If McCain has not fixed the issue; WE THE PEOPLE will give our Veterans a new home until McCain decides to get off his but an do what we tell him to do — TAKE CARE OF OUR VETERANS!” the website continues. “Veterans will live at McCain’s office, and We The People will make sure they are not messed with until McCain solves the problem.”

Operation Detain McCain will be comprised mostly of US military veterans. They will show up at Senator McCain’s Phoenix office on September 5th and, according to the website, “demand that he be held accountable, arrested, tried and convicted for his shameful acts against the Veterans of the United States.”

The event will include a 22 mile walk-about in Phoenix to bring awareness to the fact that 22 American veterans commit suicide every day due in large part to the mental anguish they have suffered in the many unconstitutional wars We The People have allowed our lawless representatives to send them into.

ODM points out McCain’s treason as well:

  • Aiding & abetting the enemy of the United States of America in the War On Terror. John McCain has met with, supplied, assisted and supported ISIS/Al-Qaeda in Syria.
  • Intentionally, willfully and has been directly involved in the cover-up of evidence regarding the attack on the U.S.S. Liberty by the Israeli Military.
  • Abandoning untold numbers of POW/MIA’s from the Vietnam War

You can learn how to get involved by watching the video below and confirm you will be attending on the Facebook event page.

Pete Santilli, a Marine veteran and host of The Pete Santilli Show is organizing the event. He also issued the following letter to Senator McCain on August 25, 2015, in which he said that he was “personally fed up with your ‘lip service’ & negligence in addressing so many issues affection our nation’s heroes – our Veterans…”

He also took on his treason and gave him a warning should he not meet with the veterans.

“You have a choice to personally attend,” Santilli wrote. “Regardless, we will be present at your office. You also have a choice to put a roof over the heads of our homeless Veterans, and if you refuse to do so, I intend to encourage them to camp out at your office until you are persuaded that it’s a problem which deserves your immediate attention. Unfortunately for you, your negligence by covering up the USS Liberty, as well as your treasonous support of ISIS will be exposed, and you must be held accountable Constitutionally & lawfully —— this is non-negotiable, and you will not have a choice in evading your unlawful conduct in this regard.”

Santilli also called on McCain to meet with the veterans who will be in attendance at his Camelback office.

Pete Santilli’s comments are reminiscent of patriot Blaine Cooper’s, who called out McCain in a townhall meeting and said he “would have him arrested for treason.”

It’s time for the people to start enforcing the law against those who have been entrusted with the public service of the people, but instead have sought to only empower and enrich themselves. Senator John McCain is a good start. May God bless the efforts of Santilli and these veterans!

5 thoughts on “Grassroots Movement to Descend on Arizona This Week in Operation Detain McCain

  1. Nothing will happen. The protesters will just yell at him, wave signs and mcCain will continue doing what he’s always done. On top of that, he’d probably get re-elected, if he tried to run again.

  2. I live off of the grid in northern Arizona, and folks in these parts refer to him as “insane McCain”. What is frightening is the fact that the populace reelects the imbecile over and over again!

    1. “What is frightening is the fact that the populace reelects the imbecile over and over again!”

      You mean the jews RE-SELECT him over and over again, don’t you?

  3. Instead of marching to his office, why don’t they arm up and arrest his ass because he sure as hell ain’t going to change his mind or go quietly. He’s John McCain, the craziest Zionist, pear-faced, treasonous, son of a bitch in the world. You think you can just walk up to his place of business and ring a bell? He hates the American people and has been nearly thrown out of every town hall meeting and still claims he is in the right and the American people are crazy and in the wrong. These so-called “grassroots” people better wake the hell up and get with the program. Telling the dictator to be held accountable for his actions is a joke. What the hell is wrong with these people. The only change that will happen with psychos like McCain will be by the barrel of a gun.

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