I Can See it Coming When the People Disarm the Lawless Police Who Abuse Their Authority

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When will these local Police Chiefs and Elected County Sheriffs better count the cost before they sign an agreement with Homeland security. When there is money from DHS or some other Federal agency. There are strings attached that violate state and Federal laws they are asked to do. This federal grant money serves to federalize local law enforcement as a force multiplier. Our local law enforcement in many areas in America is now paid mercenaries as independent contractors. The beat Cop who is told to carry out illegal orders grab the guns by hook or by crook does not know their local Law Enforcement Agency has abrogated their oaths to the Constitution for thirty pieces of silver from Homeland Security. They no longer have the legal protection because they are fulfilling a contract with DHS. They are no longer cops and now hire guns for a foreign power. (Historically, the founders seen Washington DC as a foreign power at one time.)

Right now the Police are now seen as a threat to the security of the people. They have become lawless taking gun from law abiding when there is no probable cause to take them because the DHS contract. When these Law Enforcement agencies become independent contractors for Homeland Security, the cease to be peace officers under state law become illegal standing armies under letters of Marque. Being mercenaries for Homeland security, they maybe are getting paid by the Federal government. At the same time lost all legal protections and immunities as peace officers because they are breaking state laws. The uniforms, the squad cars, the service pistol they are issued possible can not be used for such operations because it is seen as unofficial use of city or county property. If that is the case, than no one is above the law. The Police have no legal protection under their state laws. Once the people find out, there is nothing in the law preventing these people from exerting their authority necessary to restrain excessive police abuse under illegal Homeland Security direction. It is the right and duty of the people to abolish or alter the government starting at the local level to preserve the public safety. Even if means using coercive or deadly force to secure their liberty and security.

It seems when I look online at the newsreels nation wide. Police abuse is rampant with no accountability or justice for the victims.

When Police shoot a man for no reason in the street that was no threat to them ten times. The police need to be disarmed.

When the police sprays mace on a woman’s genital area as punishment because she was not cooperative with them. The Police need to be disarmed.

When the police shoot and kill a teen the parent called police to teach son a lesson that was not armed. The police need to be disarmed.

When the police tazer a bedridden elderly woman who is no threat to the officer’s safety. The police need to be disarmed.

When the LA Sheriff Department hires deputies with records of misconduct with a criminal past. The police need to be disarmed.

When the police shoot an unarmed innocent person in the back handcuffed on a subway platform in Oakland California. The Police needs to be disarmed.

When the police tazer an autistic girl in a confused state of mind who is no danger to the officer. She is walking naked on the side of the road with no weapons visible. The police must be disarmed.

When the Police kick in doors without a search warrant because some ninny panty waste seen a person clean his rifle in the garage not brandishing it just minding his own business. They are arrested with no probable cause and gun confiscated for no legal reason for Federal grant money. The Police need to be disarmed.

When the Sheriff Deputies in Dallas Texas attack peaceful demonstrators outside Deally Plaza under Homeland Security command. The Police need to be disarmed. These deputies are Constitutional officers, not hired guns for DHS wearing Sheriff Department uniforms instead of DHS uniforms since it was a DHS operation under letters of Marque.

When Police officer arrest a father for attempting to rescue his child from a house on fire handcuffing him while the fire spreads. The Police stand around making no attempt to rescue the child who died in the flaming inferno. Another reason why the Police needs to be disarmed. Police officers in the past risk their lives to rescue people.

When a police officer is chatting on his cell phone while citizens rescue a person from a car turned over on the side of the road. The police need to be disarmed.

When Police threaten to arrest people for feeding the homeless. It is time to disarm the police.

When the Police raid Farmers Marketsraw milk dealers and Roadside Vegetable Stands. It is time to disarm the Police.

When the city of Austin Police do blood draws on the side of the road contracted by the Federal Government with a rubber stamp warrants from a judge who is not impartial. The Police Department is acting as a mercenary outside the law using city property for unauthorized use. The judge is contracted for performance to rubber stamp these search warrants without the accused making their case that there is no probable cause and legal reason to take their blood. The judge is not independent or impartial. If this can be proven in a court of law showing the contract between the local government and Homeland Security. We can start holding the Austin Police Department and the Judge accountable for breaking Texas law for operating under Federal Letters of Marque which both Police and Judge can be criminally liable if taken to a state grand jury.

When a Police Departments or Sheriffs Department accept grant money to set up check points, harass innocent people and take away the guns for no reason. They are operating under letters of Marque as independent contractors. They have no legal protection under the law anymore. The people have every right to disarm the Police if they are a threat to the peace and safety of the community.

If we want to really apply the law to this violation of our God given rights. If they going to carry out operations receiving Federal Grant money. They can not use their uniforms because they are impersonating a police officer or peace officer when carrying out their mission under Letter of Marque which all these Federal Grants are. They can not use their squad cars because that is misuse of city or county property. They can not use their issued sidearm because that is also property of the city and county.

If a local police Department signed a contract with Dominoes Pizza to do Deliveries to people’s homes. The people in the city would be outraged because it would be a misuse of city property and using the Police uniforms to deliver for the pizza giant. It is no different when the Police contract for Federal Grant money. The Police Department or any state law enforcement agencies are still considered independent contractors operating outside the law and legal parameters of state law.

They should be wearing their own clothes so they can be identified as pirates under letters of marque or wear DHS clothing so we can identify them as an invading force. They should be using their own personal vehicles and guns. They have no legal protection as peace officers i9f they are under letters of Marque.

Many of these small city police departments needs to be dissolved because using this Federal Grant money have sucked the economic life out of these small businesses that are struggling to stay afloat because they harass patrons and stop every car that passes through. They chase away customers because the people are not coming to town breaking the law. They want to be left alone.

I will predict this will soon happen. When Police abuse escalates. There is a possibility citizen posses will form to start to do reverse stings on the police to act protecting the rights of the people. A person could volunteer as bait just to be pulled over with a legal gun and lots of cash on them. When the cops pulls over this person and tries to confiscate a person’s cash in the name of the war on drugs or takes away a person legally carried concealed handgun. We can see these groups converge on this cop. We can see them disarm the officer. Make the cop strip down to their boxer shorts and handcuff them to a telephone pole to send a message enough is enough of this nonsense. Honor the oath to the Constitution or else ultimatum.

The second Amendment was written to keep government power in check. When local government become corrupt and become destructive. People are supposed to take up arms to remove the corrupt politicians. World War II veterans took back their county in Athens Tennessee in 1946 when taking up arms was the only solution when all other peaceful measures failed.  The State government recognized the new local government in Athens after a citizen uprising because it was the people’s legal right to alter and abolish the government as they seen fit.

If the agency does not heed to the warning of the people when they retaliate to the departments abuse of power. We can see reprisals against the Cops erupt nationwide in small pockets when Police abuse gets worse if an incident happens to an elderly woman being shot in her car for no logical reason and the officer is cleared of all wrong doing. We can see a posse of vigilantes bring accountability to that officer. The system may let the rogue cop get away with the crime. The court of public opinion might say very differently.  Just following orders will be no excuse as a defense when abusing people for no reason at all.

To the police officer, you know better than do this. You better read the state and federal Constitutions since you sworn an oath to uphold. If you carry orders that go against those two legal documents they are sworn to defend and protect against all enemies foreign and domestic. The document that supersedes all department policies and procedures. You have the power to say “no”. If you ignore the law of the land that is far above all laws and statutes that violate the rights of the people.  If your bosses will not hold you accountable for your illegal action while on duty. The people will one way or the other will hold you accountable.

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10 thoughts on “I Can See it Coming When the People Disarm the Lawless Police Who Abuse Their Authority

  1. excellent article sir. there are individuals in my area who are arming, training, and amo-ing up to do just that.

  2. Good article. Iv been thinking this for a while. What happens when the people start ambushing cops? What happens when bad cops houses get burned down? What happens when their families start getting actions taken against them?

    Thanks for the post.

    1. What happens? Their tyrannical control will be over and patriots like us will be crying tears of joy in the streets.

    2. I have a child and grandbaby. It’s not there job to be a martyr for
      my actions.
      ” What happens when bad cops houses get burned down? What happens when their families start getting actions taken against them?”
      We all know the wrong the evil are doing. That shouldn’t give us an excuse to do the same to the innocent. If we do…………. we are definitely dancing with the devil. JMO

      1. I agree with ya, Misty. But these bastards are pushing it and those who are still left will have known by then that they had a choice and if they made the wrong one, they will know they had it coming. By then we will have given them all the time in the world to change, so it’s their own fault for not doing the right thing. And by then, you will also know that really the only ones left are the insane ones that enjoy beating on people and belong in prison to begin with.

  3. We’ve been peacefully protesting for years. -fail
    Attempting to get the courts to punish them. -fail
    Reminded them of their oath to the constitution. -fail
    Addressed grievances to elected officials -fail
    Tried to reason with them -fail

    They’ve become ‘terminators’ directly controlled by skynet.

    “Listen, and understand! That Terminator is out there! It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead.” -Kyle Reese, Terminator

    If things do not begin to change soon we’ll have to face them, and put them
    back in the pandora’s box from whence they emerged.

    Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable. -John F. Kennedy


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