In Joyful Act of Resistance, Pink Seesaws Installed at Border Fence

Common Dreams – by Jenna McGuire

Two California professors built three pink seesaws on the U.S.-Mexico border to allow families to play together and to bring “joy, excitement, and togetherness” to both sides of the divide. 

As The Guardian reported:

Installed along the steel border fence on the outskirts of El Paso in Texas and Ciudad Juárez in Mexico, the seesaws are the invention of Ronald Rael, a professor of architecture at the University of California, Berkeley, and Virginia San Fratello, an associate professor of design at San José State University, who first came up with the concept 10 years ago.

The wall installation quickly garnered praise on Twitter:

Rael unveiled the seesaw installation in an Instagram post Monday.

“The wall became a literal fulcrum for U.S.-Mexico relations,” said Rael, “and children and adults were connected in meaningful ways on both sides with the recognition that the actions that take place on one side have a direct consequence on the other side.”

10 thoughts on “In Joyful Act of Resistance, Pink Seesaws Installed at Border Fence

  1. “Two California professors built three pink seesaws…”

    Commie fags.

    Can’t wait till people start shootin’ these f%&kers.

    1. Amen to that. Hell if I had it my way I would invade Mexico for what they have done to us. This invasion is an act of war and then some.

      1. Once this sh#t gets going, anyone NOT speaking English will be shot on sight.

        If I even hear a Mexican/Spanish accent, I’m firing.

  2. This was planned

    Every kid knows if you pounce hard enough with enough weight on one side you send the other person quite a ways OVER THE FENCE!!!

    It’s also to send a subliminal message that the people on the other side are “friendlies”

  3. “The symbolism of the seesaw is just magical. A #Border fence will not keep us from our neighbors. Que bella idea usar un subibajas para unir las comunidades de ambas naciones. ”

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