Island In Washington Falls Apart: Whidbey Island Landslide Wreaks Havoc

Before It’s News – by Live Free or Die

According to this breaking story from news, a HUGE landslide has wreaked havoc upon Whidbey Island in the state of Washington as the planet Earth continues to fall apart all around us. Residents were awoken by a noise that sounded like thunder as the Earth crumbled as shown in the amazing pictures below. Is this another sign that the West coast of America is getting ready to get hit by a ‘big one’? THERE IS a fault line along Whidbey Island!  

Experts still don’t know what has caused this mysterious collapse. Video below. From

Huge landslides Wednesday damaged one home and is threatening or isolating two dozen more in Coupeville on Whidbey Island.

Neighbors reportedly heard a noise that sounded like thunder around 4:15 a.m.

Residents of threatened homes could be seen walking to the edge of the slide while others were packing up belongings.

15 thoughts on “Island In Washington Falls Apart: Whidbey Island Landslide Wreaks Havoc

  1. It amazes me how the MSM has such a lack of humanity and the nerve to just turn a blind eye to all of these sinkholes, landslides, booming noises and massive disasters going on in our country. Every single one of them. And people still believe our government is good and our economy is booming? I just don’t get it. I really don’t. How the hell can people continue to go on like this. It’s insanity. I guess gay rights and abortion are more important issues than the country literally falling apart piece by piece. And then people have the nerve to say I’m the crazy one? I really just don’t get it.

    1. I get it, NC.

      The MSM is a Zionist owned and controlled entity whose only purpose is to keep the sheeple both fearful AND entertained at the same time, without actually allowing any truth to be disseminated in the process.

      Not an easy task, when you think about it.

      1. NC-I saw the story this morning, you just beat me to it, in posting # 1. 🙂
        I expect to see that kind of news from the West Coast, especially slides in Spring…. “if the ground ain’t shake’n, its burn’n, or slide’n.” There are major fault lines. It’s part of the “Ring of Fire.”

          1. I don’t blame you.
            Back in the day, when I was making a choice between NYC or LA (and spent a lot of time in both), one of the reasons I picked NY was because it’s on solid Rock. I did Not enjoy the helpless feeling of the Earth falling apart,nor watching the blaze of the natural fires (necessary to sprout the seeds of the region), nor the slides. It’s a gorgeous region but, those seasonal occurrences are also a fact of life in that region. Sure, in NYC there’s an old “inactive” fault on 125th Street (the other end of the island [am I worried about it? You betcha]) but, at least I ain’t in the Ring of Fire, nor am I in Tornado Alley. :/
            Ya know, I had Hollywood coworkers who (seriously) bought “future” “beach front property” in Nevada as preparation for “The Big One.” LOL
            I know you’re prepared. You’ll be OK. 🙂

          2. Yeah, but at least we don’t have Bloominidiot to contend with here.

            That’s a BIG plus. 🙂

          3. Very True.
            He was NOT here at the time (probably back in Boston, where I wish he would return). LOL

          4. I’m afraid NC will have to vie for his place in line to light the butts. (ref. “We Interfere With Free Enterprise All The Time” story) 🙂

  2. AS NIBIRU aproches,the planet will keep adjusting its self,the final pole shift will really rearrange things,we have a small shift coming as we pass it, in late april,NOTHING compared to when it comes up in front of our planet later,and the 180* roll takes place (opening of the six seal) ,thats the one that will reduce the population to nothing,anyone on the coast will be toast,WATCH the Video-“nibiru,the planet of the crossing” by skywatch media,after watching that,EVERYONE will understand whats been up with government,and why they been acting the way they have ,THEY KNOW ALL ABOUT IT……………………

  3. THE ALIENS have left messages in crop circles all over the planet,warning about the arrival of NIBIRU,no one pays attention to these,marshal masters, zeta-talk,back to the constitution, has bunches of videos about it,more and more people are realizing somethings wrong with our planet,WELL YEA,we have a mini-solar system coming up from the south,theres been a few leaks from nasa,BUT as a whole “the lids on pretty tight” not much has gotten out about it,and most will be caught by surprise,and thats how tptb want it……………….

  4. OMG! A real Nutter!
    I built my first telescope nearly 50 years ago after saving my pennies for about a year. I have had an interest in astronomy even a little longer.
    Everytime I see this “NIBIRU” I nearly crap myself laughing!
    Whats next, the Pleidian conquest of Earth?
    With thousands of telescopes pointed at the sky every night by hobbyists this “Hidden planet” could not be missed. There is no govt. conspiracy here, just the deluded ramblings of a lonely crack-pot from Baraboo, WI.

    1. rhumstruck, this is the same guy who posted an idiotic comment a while back that garnered a flurry of replies from other posters.

      He claimed he used to sit on his uncle’s knee and listen to the horror stories about the Nazi ‘Death Camps’.

      HE’S a credible source for information.


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