Katherine Albrecht: Windows 10 Is Full Blown Electronic Tyranny

Published on Aug 21, 2015 by Pete Santilli Show

Full Episode Here https://youtu.be/7uKJ2u9jcns

Would You Pay Micro-soft to spy on you? Windows 10 is an update that is being used to spy on you through malware. It is placed on your computer through the update and then leaves you helpless against spying through keystrokes, your camera and websites you visit.

Join Pete and Dr. Katherine Albrecht to learn why you should be very concerned about Micro-Softs new software. Do not upgrade to Windows10 until you listen to this important message!

In other news, we are looking closely at the confrontation between North & South Korea. Will China give the red light for war?

Pete is predicting that after this weeks 1200 point loss on the DOW Monday will be the most brutal day so far this year for the economy. How will this impact Main-Street America?

About Katherine Albrecht – Dr. Katherine Albrecht is a privacy expert and outspoken opponent of RFID [ the RFID LADY “], implantable microchips, search engine data collection, and retail customer surveillance. Katherine has authored pro-privacy legislation, testified before lawmakers around the globe, written for numerous publications including Scientific American, and granted over 2,000 media interviews. She was appointed by New Hampshire Governor John Lynch to serve as an expert member of that state’s two-year study commission.

Katherine is also a syndicated radio host, bestselling author, and helped to develop www.Startpage.com, the world’s most private search engine and private alternative to Google.

Katherine holds a Doctorate in Consumer Education from Harvard University.

-Website URL
www.KatherineAlbrecht.com kmashow.com

2 thoughts on “Katherine Albrecht: Windows 10 Is Full Blown Electronic Tyranny

  1. There have been many white papers on this for 2 years now…old news.

    The last windows version worth any salt was XP Pro r3. Win 2000 Pro is OK too. Both of these have to be ‘buttoned’ up however and there will be NO more updates to either of these.

    The best you can do is Linux Mint v17, IMHO. Linux versions ARE NOT IMMUNE to viruses and the like. As Linux(any flavor) becomes more popular, in the US, there will be more brainless twits that will be attempting to surreptitiously try to wreak havoc.

    Educate yourselves…your best bet by far!

  2. Windows 10 has already been banned in Russia for being nothing but a spying device.

    If you have windows 7 or 8, it will be turned into as effective a spying device as windows 10 if you’re getting updates.

    Here’s what I discovered:
    “The updates in question are KB3075249 and KB3080149. if installed, these updates are known to report your data back to Microsoft servers, without user interaction. KB3075249 Microsoft Update adds telemetry points to ‘consent.exe’ in Windows 7, 8 and 8.1, allowing for remote monitoring of everything that happens within the operating system. KB3080149 ensures that all “down-level devices” receive the same updates and treatment as Windows 10 boxes get.”

    It’s not just windows 10 — all recent Windows operating systems are being turned into total spyware through the updates. TURN YOUR “AUTOMATIC UPDATES” OFF VIA THE CONTROL PANEL. Then check your update history to see if you have the update listed above. You may be able to uninstall them.

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