Kristi Simmonds: North Carolina nurse latest to suffer uncontrollable convulsions after mRNA shots

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BAKERSVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA — Ms. Kristi Simmonds has been a registered nurse since 2007. Her hard work and dedication to the profession led to a clinic manager position at Kindred at Home Care Services in October. Ms. Simmonds wanted to lead by example. She received the Moderna mRNA shot on January 19, according to her Facebook page. The goal was to protect her patients and co-workers, while also demonstrating that the shots are safe. She is now warning people to exercise due diligence before getting the jab.

Ms. Simmonds throat and tongue swelled up so much that she could barely breath. She went to the hospital on January 21. Doctors prescribed her Benadryl and sent her home. Ms. Simmonds rested for four days and returned to work, thinking the worst was over. Her whole world changed that night when she got home. Ms. Simmonds started having uncontrollable convulsions and muscle spasms.

She went to the local emergency room on January 26. Ms. Simmonds was discharged and told she was having a panic attack. She went to another emergency room that night and was told her condition was a non-emergency. Her primary care physician saw her the next day. He sent her to an emergency room in Winston-Salem. But she was discharged yet again, this time because no neurologists were available.

Ms. Simmonds in her own words

The 40-year-old registered nurse shared this video on Facebook in January 30. She tells you in her own words, while fighting through the tremors, what she is experiencing. The video has over 14,000 shares as of publishing.

Ms. Simmonds said she has spoken to five others who are suffering similar adverse effects to the mRNA shots. We’ve covered two of them – Shawn Skelton and Angelia Gipson Desselle, the latter being the mother of Brant Griner.

UPDATED February 5, 2021 – Ms. Simmonds published an update video. She said she is taking herbal supplements to try and mitigate the tremors.

Ms. Simmonds also said she can no longer work as a nurse. She, like the others suffering these harsh adverse effects, is getting trolled on social media and hate mail from people saying she is faking. But she’s also getting a lot of support. Ms. Simmonds said she cannot tell people to take the vaccine or not, but admitted she did not do any research prior to getting the shot.

The symptoms are not the only commonality in these stories. None of these women have been able to find anyone to help them. Further, nobody will ever be held liable if they are permanently disabled. The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 and the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness (PREP) Act of 2005 provide two layers of immunity for Pfizer, Moderna and all other mRNA and vaccine makers. They cannot be held liable in court.

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2 thoughts on “Kristi Simmonds: North Carolina nurse latest to suffer uncontrollable convulsions after mRNA shots

  1. She made the choice to willingly take that lethal injection. She also chose not to do any research before making that decision. The worst part though is that she still defends the makers of the toxic concoction that she allowed to be injected into her body.

  2. Very sad. The second nurse is still oblivious to the nature of the “vaccine”. Ma’am, this is not like the other vaccines. It is not a medication. Think more along the lines of making seedless watermelon. And you know the sequencing won’t be exact to what the body designs. Timmy is going to screw it up somewhere!

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