L’Anse Creuse HS evacuation triggered by Selfridge airman wearing camouflage

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HARRISON TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WJBK) – Students at L’Anse Creuse High School were evacuated Tuesday morning after reports of a suspicious person roaming the halls in military gear.

Macomb Co. Sheriff Anthony Wickersham says the man was a 21-year-old former student and airman at nearby Selfridge Air National Guard base. He arrived on campus after his overnight shift to meet with a school counselor after 6 a.m. wearing a camouflage uniform, flack jacket and an empty gun holster.

An overnight custodian noticed the man and alerted school officials, who were unaware of the man’s plans to meet with the counselor in order to obtain a letter of recommendation. Police say the man was unable to find the counselor and left the building.

The school was placed on lockdown and buses filled with students were forced to wait at a nearby grocery store parking while police conducted their investigation.

In the end, the former student was located at his Harrison Township home and questioned. “He was very cooperative,” said Wickersham. No charges plan to be filed.

Wickersham says the man made a “bad judgement” wearing camo to his former high school.

In light of the morning’s events, classes were canceled at the high school and neighboring Graham Elementary and L’Anse Creuse Middle.

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2 thoughts on “L’Anse Creuse HS evacuation triggered by Selfridge airman wearing camouflage

  1. Maybe I’ll throw on some camo today and give the local high school kids a three-day weekend.

    1. Hehe! Jolly! I’m sure the kids would luv ya ta death!
      I have to say, I used to wear a green camo scrub set to work. I was only questioned once, my reply…my Dad served in Korea, I wear this in honor of his memory. I was in homehealth care, manager of this case. I did have a snooty resident of this condo association look at me an turn up her nose to me, pft, I said “Hello” with a smile 🙂 There was a lot more older vets that lived in that condo and liked my camo. I guess I should warn my niece about this racist/communist/PC sheit? since I passed them on to her….?…..WTF? I say F’m as I said before. F’m, that’s all! Wear it proud Sis! And oh yeah, I actually either went to stores either before or after work (in this same scrub set), had no problems. If my kids were younger and I had to attend a meeting/conference/ect. at the school, I wouldn’t have thought twice about my scrubs, and still won’t. Like said F’m!

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