Large Black Voices Continue To Speak Out Against The Democrat Party

By Wall Street Apes

Charleston White Says The Illegal Immigrant Invasion Is About Replacing The Black Vote & American Jobs

“it’s a migrant crisis. — We’ve been seeing it for the last 8 years. Every 2 years, they bring in a big migrant population. So everybody we have problem with, they bring them people over here. Everybody we have problem with. But it’s not our Republican people it’s the Democratic people.

The republicans are saying, man, f*ck that. Man, don’t let nobody over up. Yeah. But the democratic party, because black people have such a low voter turnout, they have to increase immigrations so their party can sustain and have its power in the political realm. Because black people are such a low voter turnout. So the Democratic party know that they cannot rely on black people.

So they have to replace their voting faction just like they have to replace their slave labor. We used to be their slave labor. Y’all remember? Who’s their new slave label? Immigrants?

Yeah. Because you come to McDonald’s, you want $15, you want $17. My immigrant is still satisfied at the $7.75. They are satisfied. They don’t complain.

They don’t file grievances. We don’t have to worry about company lawsuits. We don’t have to worry about any liability with this group.”

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