My Eagles


It’s a long shot with a cheap lens, but if you zoom in you can see my Eagle neighbors on the tops of the tall pine trees. Those are the tallest trees around here, and the Eagles sit up there surveying the area for snacks. 

The trees are about 60′ tall, and the birds have a wingspan that I estimate to be about six feet. They’ve been here longer than I have, because they were in that same spot when I moved here five years ago. This year they have a son. He doesn’t look like his parents because he doesn’t have his adult feathers yet. He’s big and ugly right now, and undoubtedly eats a lot, but I’m hoping the proud parents pump out a few more of them anyway. 

I grew up on the Brooklyn waterfront, under the watchful eye of the Statue of Liberty, and now that I’ve moved here, Bald Eagles watch my house. I see these things as good omens for my country, and confirmation that patriotism is my destiny. 

7 thoughts on “My Eagles

    1. yes, I saw them. You’re the reason I sent in my eagle picture. I’m near the water, but these eagles don’t seem to fish. They like snakes.

  1. Nice picture JR, that must be really something to see a family of Eagles. I would love that. I’ve never seen any around where I live but I have seen hawks, various species of owls too. One bird I really love observing is the Chaparral, commonly known as the Roadrunner. We see them all the time, going about their business and I never get tired of watching them. It’s been a hot and dry summer here in TX so we leave pans of water out for them, otherwise they raid our dog’s large water pan. But that’s ok too. They are the neatest birds to watch and will sometimes come about within 10′ of us. They are also good at killing snakes as they move quicker than the snake and peck them to death behind the snake’s head. Roadrunners are amazing birds and no way could a coyote ever catch them and they look nothing like the cartoon roadrunner. Nor do they eat ACME seed (LOL), just lizards, grasshoppers, things like that. They don’t fly much, just mostly run everywhere and will fly partway up a tree and run the rest of the way up to their nests.

    1. I used to get a lot of different wild birds here, because it’s a resting spot for migratory birds crossing Lake Superior. I have a book and I started to learn all their names, but now it seems like they’re all dead from Scott’s mass-poisoning. I hope they come back next year.

  2. I was thinking of doing that. They’ve been watching me and my dog here for so long that they don’t seem to be afraid of us, so luring them in with fish is the next step, but I’m not really sure if I want that thing landing on me. It probably has talons that will drag a lot of flesh away with it.

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