Obama Announced A Trip To Oregon Massacre Site- The Town’s Residents Are Doing THIS In Response

Western Journalism – by Kevin Whitson

Barack Obama announced that on Friday he will be visiting Roseburg, Oregon, the town of the mass killing by a deranged man on the campus of Umpquo Community College. The gunman, who killed 9 and injured 9, reportedly chose to execute Christian students while leaving non-Christians with less serious wounds.

The residents were barely given time to begin the grieving process when President Obama decided to openly politicize the event in an effort to push his anti-Second Amendment agenda. In July, Obama lamented that he was not able to do more about gun control stating America, “is the one advanced nation on earth in which we do not have sufficient common-sense, gun safety laws.”  

It appears that Obama is ramping up his efforts to usurp American’s Second-Amendment rights. He declared that he will be increasing his rhetoric against the lack of gun control in coming weeks.

But not everyone welcomes his calls for stricter gun control that some feel are in fact calls for the confiscation and destruction of all guns, similar to laws in Australia. In fact, the town of Roseburg has already begun to protest the president’s arrival.

David Jacques, publisher of the Roseburg Beacon, told Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly that the residents of Roseburg would not welcome the president if he plans on coming Roseburg to try and usurp the constitution and the second amendment by politicizing the deaths of the college students.

Now, it appears that the “Defend Roseburg” Facebook page is making a serious attempt to roll-up the welcome mat for the president. The Facebook page reads:

 The anointed one his majesty king 0bama and the White House have announced a Friday arrival in Roseburg, Oregon in the wake of Oct 1st’s horrific tragedy at UCC.

Polarizing as usual, Mr 0bama has insisted on politicizing the event as a conduit for increased executive orders on gun control via means of his pen, and his phone.

This blatant disrespect of the victims families, the community and the town of Roseburg, Mr 0bama’s administration is flying not just the 747 that is airforce one to Oregon, but a three helicopter team of Sikorsky’s that make up HMX-1, known as Marine one to travel to Roseburg at the taxpayers’ expense.

We need a lot of people. Please come show your support for Roseburg, not the little man who has no respect for the constitution.


3 thoughts on “Obama Announced A Trip To Oregon Massacre Site- The Town’s Residents Are Doing THIS In Response

  1. Typical of ALL COMMUNISTS, they have to IMPOSE THEMSELVES on people when/where they’re NOT WANTED.

    Tick Tock Tick Tock………

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