6 thoughts on “Oil spill in rural Kansas creek shuts down Keystone pipeline system

  1. there are no terrorists outside government.. NO ONE is sitting at the kitchen table plotting how to shoot up or blow up a school bus or theater or what have you AND.. if they did.. they certainly don’t have a friend saying.. Yeah that’s a great idea.. can I help?? what they do is commit these acts then blame on us.. White spremaciss of course, to pit us against each other.. an act of RISING in active REVOLT is the definition of insurgence.. defiance resistance rebellion are synonyms of insurgency. they called the Iraqis DEFYING our INVASION insurgents.. never explaining what that means. they WILL call us insurgents.. as though it’s a bad thing. remember that “deputy” in Oregon or Washington few years back when that girl asked him why they needed an MRAP? he said.. We got a lot of CONSTITUTIONALISTS up here… we all know what he meant but the FACT is, they think and want us to think, that’s the same as a terrorist .. I’m sorry.. this seems to be all over the place but it’s what and how i think when these things happen.. it is curious how WE shoot up and blow up things that DIRECTLY affect us and our people.. wonder if they’ll report 5G tower fires in the same manor?? we’ll see!!

    1. thanks Deon.. I’m sorry I get wound up but there’s so many things that all tie together.. and like Henry says.. it’s hard to talk about!! it’s so twisted and convoluted… did you see the representative that said.. Investigation of Ukraine spending is Russian Propaganda??? I mean.. how to you even respond to that!!?? anyway.. have a nice day bud..

  2. Yes I did because most of them are dipping their hand in that cookie jar and you are suppose to get wound up when people are using and abusing you.

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