PHOTOS RELEASED of Suspect Michael Brown ROBBING STORE Before Shooting

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Ferguson police released a report today detailing a robbery before the fatal shooting last week of 18 year-old Michael Brown.
Chief of police Jackson held a press conference early Friday morning.

Here is a copy of the report on the Ferguson convenience story robbery.
Michael Brown was 6′ 4″ and 292 pounds.  

brown report store
The convenience store video reveals Michael Brown entering the store followed by Johnson. Brown hands a box of Swisher Sweets to Johnson. Brown took several boxes of cigars and turned to leave the store. “Brown grabbed the clerk and “forcefully pushed him back into a display rack.”

From the report: The incident is related to another incident detailed by Ferguson Police.

And here are photos of the robbery at the convenience store with a suspect who was identified as “Big Mike” Brown.

brown robbery stroeFerguson Missouri Police Chief Thomas Jackson identified the officer involved in the shooting of 18 year-old Michael Brown. Officer Darren Wilson shot Michael Brown during the confrontation. Wilson has six years on the force and was injured in the incident.

And here is a copy of the police report alleging Michael Brown robbed the store.
police report robbery

This video below seems to corroborate the police report.

Hands Up – Don’t Rob Me!

17 thoughts on “PHOTOS RELEASED of Suspect Michael Brown ROBBING STORE Before Shooting

  1. Probable cause to stop Mr. Brown, that does not give this f’n cop the right to execute this man. If what this man in the video is saying is true, it is time to ban with all my brothers and stop this fascist cowardly Israeli trained thug squad! They shoot you like a dog and leave you to die in the street.!

    1. I keep seeing “Israeli trained thug squad”. Can someone please post a link where it states Israel is training our police departments? I keep hearing this but have not yet seen the proof. Maybe I missed it?

        1. Thank you so much Wade, my husband did not believe this could be true. I did explain to him that the Trenches can always back up the claims. Again thanks!

  2. This morning we learn that this young man robbed a store, assaulted the owner/clerk, the police officer was assaulted as he tried to put him in the back of the police car, got medical treatment – the police say he tried to get the officers gun and we know that the young man was killed as he ran from the officer.

    The crowds blame the officer and would do he/his family harm if they could — I expect now they will excuse the actions of the young man and continue to hold only the officer responsible. It appears that they do not seek justice or information or investigation.

    Yet another case of a young man under the impression that laws do not apply to them and using physical actions will always win the day. While very sad, not sure I am reaching for a hanky until all the facts are in.

    1. From what I have read, he may have tried to get the gun and was shot during that fight. But then he tried to run away and was shot while running away.
      If he was killed during the initial fight, fine, but as he was running away, it is murder.
      The kid was probably a POS, but if I shoot someone running away I go to jail.

        1. I doubt if we will ever know the truth. We will only be allowed to see the “truth” they want us to believe. Either way, another murder by the police and we get closer every day to the big revolt.

      1. I think, if one assaults an officer and flees the scene, that an officer may use deadly force if the accused refuses to stop. Not an attorney and, certainly we do not have the facts. Will wait for those.


        1. I agree we don’t have the facts and we probably never will, but I don’t agree with killing a fleeing suspect. If he had a weapon and showed intent to use it, definitely, but just running away shouldn’t be a death sentence.
          I am definitely not sticking up for a hood punk that probably wasn’t a very good person to begin with, but these cops look to the gun way to quickly now. If the cop wanted to be a big tough guy, why not chase him down instead of killing him?

  3. “Here is a copy of the report on the Ferguson convenience story robbery.
    Michael Brown was 6′ 4″ and 292 pounds”.

    Am I missing something? The police report reads that he was 5’5, 120 lbs, slim build, with long hair and dreadlocks.

    The photos do not match the police report description.

    Big difference between 6’4, 292 lbs and 5’5 and 120 lbs.

    Damage control?

    Never mind, I see the description was his accomplice. My bad…

  4. Remember this news video TWO years ago (June 22, 2012) in North St. Louis (which happens to be right around the Ferguson area in St. Charles county) about the military coming on the streets? Coincidence?

    Interesting … Military Police Training to Drive Armored Vehicles on Civilian Streets

  5. Boy, that photo with the arch and hands certainly displays the stupidity of the masses. They all seem to be reaching up to praise or embrace that chem-trailed sky which will probably be the death of them. Love your master, slaves!

  6. Does anyone wonder why the police, FROM MINUTE 1, didn’t bring up that Brown may have robbed a store? This comes out a week later? They obviously either:

    1. Made it up

    2. Sat on it for a week, if it was true

    If it is true, they could’ve right from the start said he was the suspect in a robbery. That’s still no excuse to kill him, though. So in this country, you get the death sentence for taking cigars from a store?

    I think police should be UNARMED. If they couldn’t handle that, then don’t be a policeman.

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