Piers Morgan: How dare you kill off mankind, Mr Trudeau, you spineless virtue-signalling excuse for a feminist

Daily Mail – by Piers Morgan

Mankind ended last night.

I know, I know, you probably didn’t realize.

But it happened.

A world leader publicly pronounced it dead.

Yes, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau killed off ‘mankind’ because he finds the word offensive.  

I’m not kidding. I wish I were.

There’s always a moment in every movement when someone tries so hard to be a part of it that they make a complete and utter politically correct plonker* of themselves.

In the new wave of modern feminism, the list of contenders for the coveted title of Chief PC Plonker is long and distinguished.

But now a clear winner has emerged in the form of Trudeau, the handsome young politician publicly drooled over by many of the same women who claim to find male objectification of female flesh so demeaning.

Trudeau – who is photographed topless far too often for it to be accident – knows his fanbase and thinks he knows what they want to hear.

Amid the #MeToo and #TimesUp firestorm of the past few months, he’s been biding his time, waiting for the perfect occasion to throw his virtue-signalling voice behind the feminist cause.

It finally came last Friday night when he addressed students in a Q&A at MacEwan University in Edmonton.

In video footage just released, a young woman from the World Mission of God, a non-denominational church guided by the ideals of ‘God the Mother’, stood up to ask him a question.

‘We came here today,’ she began, ‘to ask you to look into the policies that religious charitable organisations have in our legislation so it can also be changed because maternal love is the love that’s going to change the future of mankind….’

On hearing that last word, shirt-sleeved Trudeau recoiled like he’d been shot by a crossbow and instantly raised his left arm in indignant angst.

‘We like to see ‘peoplekind’,’ he declared, rudely interrupting the woman and flapping the same arm around aggressively, ‘not necessarily mankind. It’s more inclusive.’

‘There we go!’ she cried, excitedly. ‘Exactly!’

The crowd erupted with cheers and applause. Or rather, the other women in the crowd did.

Most of the men just looked bemused and stayed silent.

‘We can all learn from each other!’ Trudeau added, milking his audience like a greedy dairy farmer.

I’ve watched the video a few times now and it gets worse with every viewing.

Trudeau comes over as the worst kind of hectoring, bully pulpit smart-a**; dripping with virtuous self-aggrandizing sanctimony.

He also saw fit to single-handedly rewrite the English language.

There is no such word as ‘peoplekind’.

And he’s wrong too about the etymology of the word ‘mankind’.

It dates back to a time many centuries ago when males were called ‘werman’ and females ‘wyfman’, and ‘man’ was a gender-neutral term meaning all human beings.

So ‘mankind’ was originally intended to signify humanity.

Not that Trudeau will care about such trifling inaccuracies.

After all, he is the single most PC-friendly, touchy-feely Prime Minister in the history of world politics.

He marched at Canada’s version of Gay Pride, he’s pro-choice on abortion, pro legalizing marijuana and pro just about anything else that he thinks might win him the hearts of global liberals.

There’s not a diversity box Trudeau hasn’t promptly hammered himself inside. He’s even called poverty ‘sexist’.

‘I’m a feminist, I’m proud to be feminist,’ he declared after acceding to office.

And to prove it, Trudeau’s first ‘gender-parity’ cabinet contained the exact same number of men and women, 15 of each.

To understand why he’s become such a fervent gender trailblazer, look no further than an incident early into his tenure, in which Trudeau stormed across the Canadian House of Commons during a heated debate and accidentally elbowed a female MP, Ruth Ellen Brosseau.

He didn’t even know he’d done it, which is hardly surprising when you watch the video of the incident and see an accidental, very mild contact of the kind that happens every second of every day on the subway.

But that didn’t stop Ms Brosseau reacting like she’d been beaten to within an inch of her life: ‘It was very overwhelming,’ she wailed, ‘and so I left the chamber to go and sit in the lobby.’

Her colleague Niki Ashton said she was ‘ashamed’ to witness the ‘deeply traumatic’ incident and declared that Trudeau’s ‘manhandling’ was the ‘furthest thing from a feminist act’.

‘If we apply a gendered lens,’ she raged, ‘it is very important that young women in this space feel safe to come here and work. (Trudeau) made us feel unsafe and we’re deeply troubled by the conduct of the prime minister of this country.’

A horrified Trudeau begged for forgiveness like a serial killer on Death Row apologizing for murdering 100 people: ‘I want to take this opportunity now the member is OK to be able to express directly to her my apologies for my behaviour and actions. Profoundly and unreservedly.’ On and on he went, switching between English and French, pouring out his agonized soul until I feared he might collapse in a heap of tearful sackcloth-ridden misery.

Ever since, he’s doubled, trebled and quadrupled down on his feminist credentials – cowed into supine submission by the militants in his own parliament and now viewing everything through that ‘gendered lens’.

As a result, Canada’s senators just passed legislation to make the country’s National Anthem gender neutral.

After a 30-year campaign by protestors, and to the consternation of many Canadians, the second line will now be changed from ‘in all thy sons command’ to ‘in all of us command’.

(Nobody seems to have worked out what this all means for the supposedly gender-neutral word ‘person’ given it contains ‘son’).

But as with all virtue-signalers, Trudeau just didn’t when to stop.

And his denunciation of mankind has turned him from caring, sharing feminist heartthrob into a global laughing stock.

There’s been a creeping invasion by the PC language cops for the past few years.

University campuses around the world have started banning words like ‘sportsmanship’, ‘right-hand man’, ‘manpower’, ‘man-made’ and ‘gentleman’s agreement’ – all because they contain the dreaded word ‘man’ and are thus supposedly offensive.

This despite the fact I’ve never met a single person who actually finds any of those words offensive unless they are urged to do so.

But it’s one thing for snowflake students and professors to pull dumb stunts.

It’s quite another for the culprit to be the Prime Minister of the world’s second largest geographical country.

Put it this way: if Justin Trudeau has his way then one of the greatest achievements in the history of mankind (apologies for anyone offended..) will have to be banished from our consciousness too.

When Neil Armstrong, the first man, – sorry. person….sorry, human – on the moon, said it was ‘one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind,’ he could have had no idea how offensive he was being.

There’s just one problem with all this nonsense, Justin: the word ‘woman’ contains ‘man’.

Talk your PC-crazed, feminist way out that one.

* The word ‘plonker’ is an old English term for ‘fool’.

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13 thoughts on “Piers Morgan: How dare you kill off mankind, Mr Trudeau, you spineless virtue-signalling excuse for a feminist

    1. Now all Canada has to do is change the maple leaf color to pink…oh, wait…change the white to pink. Keep the red. Commie color.

      Too bad ol’ Justin wasn’t born in the late 1930s…he coulda been on the Edmund Fitzgerald when it sank in ol’ Gicheegumee, aka Lake Superior…imagine Gordon Lightfoot’s ode to this doofus? 😉

  1. Hey… look at the brightside.

    The Neo feminists should be having an ore gasm.

    Because he killed off mankind.

    Not woman kind.

    Ya know…all men that kind of act like a man.

    But are hiding a vagina hat in the closet for next Halloween.

    If I see one of these people …asking for candy with a stack of watchtower publications.

    I ain’t answering the fkng door.

    In fact… I used to turn the sprinklers on in the front yard.

    Just to run there azzez off in Vegas.

    Like a grumpy old bitter man…

    Go preach in your own yard….!!!!

  2. When I heard our northern neighbors elected this effeminate joke of a sissy, I knew then and there we can stick a fork in Canada, they are done.

  3. These NWO fags want to change everything, mankind into fagkind, tranny sex robots, men wearing dresses, killing off the less fortunate among us, if your low income give em the slow kill, not able to eat properly if you can’t afford decent food.

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