SHOWDOWN=> Defiant Caravan of Illegal Aliens Unfazed by Trump’s Call to Guard Mexican Border With Military – Continue Marching to US

Gateway Pundit – by Christina Laila

President Trump said Tuesday to press pool reporters he will use the military to guard the border against the caravan of illegal aliens marching their way to the United States from Mexico.

The illegal alien army seems unfazed by Trump’s bold move.  

Embedded Buzzfeed reporter Adolfo Flores stated Tuesday afternoon the caravan of illegals will continue to march towards the U.S. border

President Trump means business.

He unleashed a tweetstorm Sunday morning which continued into Monday, warning Mexico about the ‘caravan’ army of over 1,200 illegal aliens from Central America marching their way through Mexico to the U.S. border where they will either seek asylum or illegally cross the border.

Monday evening, embedded Buzzfeed reporter, Adolfo Flores reported the Mexican immigration authorities said they are planning on disbanding the caravan of illegal aliens by Wednesday in Oaxaca.

However, later Monday evening, defiant caravan organizers vowed to march forward to the U.S. border and plan to cross over from Baja, California.

Tuesday morning, President Trump threatened to cut off foreign aid to Honduras and others if the caravan of illegals isn’t stopped.

The caravan army of illegal invaders are mostly military-aged men; it’s an invasion.

President Trump told reporters, “Until we have a wall and proper security, we’re going to be guarding our border with the military.”

Video via Fox News:

Apparently the illegal alien army wants a showdown at the border with the U.S. military.

Adolfo Flores tweeted: At caravan general meeting Irineo Mujica said the caravan will continue and will not be stopped. The group plans on going to Puebla and then Mexico City. After that they will go on with asylum seekers.

Adolfo Flores then reported others will take a humanitarian visa in Mexico and will not go beyond Mexico City.

Adolfo Flores: Everyone else was encouraged to take a humanitarian visa in Mexico, a document allowing them to travel in Mexico for 10 to 20 days, or document giving them permission to stay in the country for 30 days to file an immigration claim. They will not go beyond Mexico City.

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6 thoughts on “SHOWDOWN=> Defiant Caravan of Illegal Aliens Unfazed by Trump’s Call to Guard Mexican Border With Military – Continue Marching to US

  1. Maybe the best course of action is NAPALM THE MOTHER F!@KERS at the border! “ROASTED MEXICAN [ILLEGAL], ANYONE??” >:-}

    1. Now THAT’S what I’ve been takin’ about!!! Napalm is the solution to our problems at the border, DC, Commiefornia, BLM marches, anti-gun uprisings, etc. A nice Shock and awe value as well.

  2. This is just another chapter in the caravan drama, and I’ll bet all of them are eventually admitted into our country, and none of them are harmed by our military.

    Cut the BS and slice ’em to ribbons with machine gun fire. Anything less, and a new caravan will be forming within a month.

    1. I agree with you guys; Napalm, concentrated machine gun fire and maybe a MOAB or two should cure the problem.

  3. Like Henry said,

    Marching towards an all expense vacation in the United States, with an all expense paid trip home. After they have overstayed their welcome for about 15 years of course. Just long enough to enjoy free money, child birth and medical and car, with any luck free rent as well.

    Will be greeted with a bouquet of roses and a big wet kiss with some tongue by the national guard.

  4. The US military is not going to pull an israel and shoot the invaders (the ones with an extensive list of demands; things the US owes them, but not the citizenry of the US).

    They may go as far as a stern finger shaking while saying “NO!”, but nothing more.

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