‘Somebody clearly framed them’- Boston suspects’ father defiant

Published on Apr 19, 2013 by mailtubenews

The father of the Tsarnaev brothers suspected in carrying out the Boston Marathon attack says his children were framed and urges the U.S. police not to kill his son Dzhokhar who is still at large

5 thoughts on “‘Somebody clearly framed them’- Boston suspects’ father defiant

  1. Yep, I agree with him but that is not how life is in america. America just doesn`t give a crap about anything but avoiding the real issues and they will use things like that Boston thing as a excuse to blame on and to enforce martial law as a way to control everyone and terrorize the people. We all aught to be going after all involved with this instead of that guy sons. F they already killed one of his kids. Think about what and who you all are supporting you MILITARY, DHS and you COPS, SWAT TEAMS and all, seems to me you all are all a bunch of bought off punk thugs, no better than a bunch of oozie carrying street gang mambers.I hope you all are proud of ya`ll self you POS. Ya`ll have done it in the past and once again you all are supporting it again. By the way – what what ya think of your high buck bomb sniffin` dogs you assholes.

  2. The kid better not give up if he knows what’s good for him. He could come out with his hands up and they will just look for an excuse to put a bullet in him because DHS trained and brainwashed the officers and SWAT to think of him as the lowest scum of the earth and to not think twice about doing something and that anything they do to him will be justified and the streets will be better off without him. Of course these officers being the dumb idiots with an IQ of 2 will huddle together and grunt like a bunch of high school football players in study hall. No brains.

  3. Yep! I believe him AND the kid’s aunt. There are so many holes in this story, it doesn’t even hold water.

    . . .

  4. Hey All FACEBOOK PAGE MADE AT 7:30 AM ON MORNING OF RACE,8hours before the “terrorizer attack” just like sandyhoax.

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