10 thoughts on “Stupid is as stupid does

    1. Said the dumbass that believes if it chooses the lesser of 2 evils it’s thinking for itself? You’re still choosing evil and you’re actively supporting the same tyranny. That faggot chump has advocated for the violation of ALL of our God given Rights and you still support that zio-joo commie kike asslicker? You’re pathetic. Give up your Rights if you want to, quisling, but keep away from mine. Remember how chump’s hero silverstein made a fortune on 9/11 while you’re at it and YOU wanna cheerlead him?

      F_{K YOU!

    2. No your the dumbass,

      You actually think voting for anybody is going to restore our freedoms that have been stolen from us? Wasting my breath with chumps like you, get back to your cartoons and leave the critical thinking to real men.

    3. I would say that the only difference between Hillary and The Donald is that one has a dick and the other has a pussy, but these days, who the hell knows?
      I guess The Donald is a better professional salesman for goddamn sure, as he got a dumbass like you to get on board with international communist zio-Jewry. Considering the blatant factual information available showing that The Donald and The Hillary both shit through the same hole, not really that big of a feat to fool a f#@king retard.
      And it is not just The Donald and Hillary, if you support this occupation by giving your consent through the vote, you are a f#@king traitor. You are a worm and a coward and when the 75% of us who refuse international communism in any form and are not going to tolerate the removal of our Bill of Rights regain control, at the very least your ass will be on a deportation barge, headed for the coast of Somalia with a bottle of barbecue sauce tied around your neck.
      Our Bill of Rights have been removed, you f#@king moron and anyone that supports this occupation to the smallest degree is a low life traitor.
      Now get the f#@k off this free American national site. Put on your nike outfit and your nike shoes, set yourself on fire, put your hand over your heart and sing the National Anthem and salute that flag that represents the tyranny you and the rest of the 25% voting traitors consenting to this shit have fostered upon the rest of us.
      When our law is returned, you will be punished for your treason. Until then, Bye.

    4. Damn shame you commented too soon for me to get the 1st shot in, but you’ve already been schooled by some of the best here.

      You wouldn’t have liked my reply any more than any of theirs.

      That I can guarantee.


  1. OMG!! Mighty Mike the “voter ” has an opinion!
    Hey mike! F$&k you and your Jew ass kissing government asshole!
    Damn. Everybody beat me to it!

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