The Cheapest AR Build on the Internet ($270)

Published on Jan 31, 2018

In this video I itemize what makes up what I believe is the very cheapest possible AR15 build. This includes everything except for a magazine which presumably one could acquire for around $10. I am reviewing a kit by “Ceratac – value by design” and their parts included.

4 thoughts on “The Cheapest AR Build on the Internet ($270)

  1. Wonder how reliable it really is
    Sometimes cheap ain’t good , especially if your life depends on it

    But there’s also the side of the argument that over priced shit that’s no good , isn’t going to keep you safe either

    Guess one would have to build it and put it through it’s paces for a while to find the truth

    One thing a lot of people miss with the AR gas impingement system is , it don’t like to run dry for too long before it stops running
    So maybe if it’s kept well lubed through it’s paces, it could serve you well

    1. Totally agree EoS, I use Bravo Company complete uppers exclusively as they are combat tested and proven. My build was around 1500, the BMC upper being the biggest expense. Bought a Lower, CMMC Lower parts kit, ALG trigger, Houge grip and stock, Troy flip up battle sights. I know I can trust this rifle with my life.

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