6 thoughts on “The White House Just Reached Peak Cringe Levels

  1. Wow……our country has just reached an all new low.

    The constant bombardment and montage of medical staff and nurses on a daily basis by the MSM is exhausting. Any chance to show or throw a nurse or doctor in front of the camera is a “don’t miss opportunity” for them.

    By the way, they didn’t quite practice 6 feet social distancing. I’m appalled.

    Jill looked like a little evil Stewie from Family Guy standing in the corner and saying, “Dance my puppets, DANCE!”.

    Our enemies must be laughing their asses off right now.

  2. Actually, the kind of “little Christmas” that we needed “right this very moment” would be if all the nurses at the end of the song shouted, “Let’s go Brandon!”, followed by the camera immediately cutting over to the look on Jill’s face.

    Now THAT would be a Christmas gift that would truly keep on giving!


    1. No way, brother. Let’s go Brandon was a twist and we should not accept it.
      The words are F-k Joe Biden, we should accept nothing less and the people who go along with Let’s go Brandon are the same people with a diaper on their face and their nose sticking out.
      F-k Joe Biden
      F-k Joe Biden
      F-k Joe Biden
      How easily they shut that down with just one goofy little twist hammered home in the propaganda.
      It was and should be F-k Joe Biden. People are so easily lead by the gold ring through their nose.

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