THIS is why Candace Owens was fired from the Daily Wire. She refused to be silent on Israel’s war crimes in Gaza.

4 thoughts on “THIS is why Candace Owens was fired from the Daily Wire. She refused to be silent on Israel’s war crimes in Gaza.

  1. Haven’t watched the whole interview yet; it’s over an hour. Did see that she does a good job on telling the truth about the bio-weapon.
    And yet…
    And frikkin’ yet…
    She’s on the Trump Train, The Train of ‘The Father of the Vaccine.’ What’s the disconnect? She doesn’t know that regarding Israel’s genocide on Palestinians he wants Israel to “Get the job done!!”
    Will we ever live without the intentionally insane among us?


    1. Nobody becomes a party politician without knowing what they’re getting into & we know that anybody who REALLY stands against the jews is murdered by them. She’s obviously a very smart & eloquent woman so she knows how things work.

      1. She can’t be too smart if she supports Trump. She’s supporting my oppression, the loss of my rights. He smacked Due Process and in the process trampled on Articles 2 and 4, to name just a few. How she could even advance him in the slightest way is a form of treason. I wanted to like her; she played some hard-ball on some of the issues. But that’s like a podiatrist fixing an in-grown toenail and not noticing the whole foot is infected with gangrene. She can’t be that blind; could be a hefty paycheck is hard to walk away from, but walk she must if she wants to serve the truth and honor freedom.

        Hey Candace, how about trading in Trump for The Bill of Rights? You won’t be forced to get vaccinated and you’ll ALWAYS be free to defend yourself. Quite a bargain, don’t you think?


        1. Maybe “smart” isn’t the right word as that word encompasses a broad range of things. I’ve worked for many highly “qualified” & “intelligent” “successful” people over the years but most of them just seemed to lack that special something that makes them “complete” as far as I’m concerned. Some call it “street smarts”. I just call it common sense. These people would pay someone else to look at a lock on a gate that they put there because they thought it was “broken” when all it needed was a regular periodic quick spray of the correct lubricant. Just one minor example of MANY. I think this explains why most people who get in to positions of “power” are SO out of touch with reality. They have specialized in their academic fields to such a degree that they have not really learnt to be normal, well-rounded people. They are incomplete & therefore out of touch & totally unfit to be “leaders” of any kind. Combine that with the intrinsic psychopathy brought about & maintained by inbreeding & you end up with the complete disaster we have today. Lucky then that “street smart” people still exist who can eventually solve this disastrous problem! 😉

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