TRUST THE ‘SCIENCE’: Bizarre study claims masks make you more attractive

The Post Millennial – by James Anthony

The Cognitive Research Journal released a new study on Jan. 10, stating that “during the COVID-19 pandemic, medical masks have been found to increase attractiveness.” The results of the mid-January study show that faces were considered most attractive when covered by medical masks and significantly more attractive when occluded with cloth masks than when not occluded.

According to the study’s findings determing that face coverings could make mask-wearers better looking, men with masks appealed more to the opposite sex than an uncovered face and wearers with blue medical masks ranked the most attractive.

On-the-street interviews conducted by FOX 5 New York found mixed results with some agreeing with the study’s results and others noting that faces are obscured by the masks. “Abosolutely, because it shows that they care about their own health and safety and the health and safety of others,” another woman said.

“We choose mates based on safety and being protected and therefore equating the masks with some sort of protection is what may be in the unconscious mind of the person viewing an individual wearing that mask,” said Dr. Jeff Gardere, a clinical psychologist intereviewed in the local outlet’s video, who appealed to principles of evolution. “We have come to trust the blue medical mask with medical workers. Medical workers equates to safety, equates to treating people and stopping spread of disease…” Gardere explained to the television station. “And therefore, when you see someone wearing that mask, you feel much safer around them.”

People finding masks attractive may be a pandemic-related phenomenon. “Interestingly enough, a pre-pandemic study in Japan found that masks induced thoughts of disease and aversion of wearers – the phenomenon is called the ‘sanitary-mask’ effect,” the report concludes, which is cited in the study.

The Post Millennial

9 thoughts on “TRUST THE ‘SCIENCE’: Bizarre study claims masks make you more attractive

  1. Funny thing is, some people will frikkin’ believe this. They’ll go out and by many different styles and fabrics of masks thinking this makes them more alluring, even more provocative/seductive.

    I am remembering that old mockery of a Gilette commercial from years ago where a comedy skit said a triple-edged blade will give you a better shave. They ended with “We sell you this because you will believe ANYTHING!!” It struck a chord.

    So it turns out The Cognitive Research Journal who conducted this absurd study reveals itself as an arm of the brainwash, there to assume we are stupid and now “will buy ANYTHING.”

    Trust the science? NEVER trust it as much as you trust yourself:

    “No price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.”
    — Friedrich Nietzsche

    “In the last analysis, the essential thing is the life of the individual. This alone makes history, here alone do the great transformations take place, and the whole future, the whole history of the world, ultimately springs as a gigantic summation from this hidden source in individuals.”
    — Carl Jung


  2. Excellent quotes Galen by Nietzsche and Jung, and if Jung’s description isn’t exactly what Henry and the rest of us have been stating about how this fight comes down to us as individuals to act!


    What is this, “Who can write the dumbest article” day?

    First, Yahoo’s gun insurance article and now this.

    Slow news day. They can’t find any new ways to keep the narrative going, I guess.

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