War on terror is a lie: U.S. commander tells world Taliban on ‘edge of defeat’


The second-ranking U.S. military commander in Afghanistan said on January 23 that Afghan forces overmatched the insurgency during the last fighting season, adding that the Taliban is on the “edge of strategic defeat.” (Ask yourself,  if they’re on the edge of defeat why do we need DHS? Fear mongering is at an all-time high, Wake up America!)

However, speaking live from Afghanistan, U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Mark Milley, commander of the U.S./NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) Joint Command (IJC), told Pentagon reporters that there is more to be done.   

“We have got to continue to build the institutions to ensure that this [Afghan] security force can continue to stand on their own,” he said, “and then that security force provides the shield to buy the time and space for the rest of the society to develop in health, in education, in government, in economics and so on and so forth.”

“That’s the fundamental premise in order to stabilize this place and prevent it from ever again becoming a haven for terrorists who attack the United States and I think it can work,” continued Lt. Gen. Milley. “I think it is working.”

He said Afghan forces, now in the lead of security in their country, bore the brunt of military fatalities during the 2013 fighting season.The fighting season occurs in the Afghanistan summer months of June to September.

Taliban militants “lost the fight in the summer of 2013 and the ANSF [Afghan National Security Force] acquitted themselves extraordinarily well,” added Lt. Gen. Milley.

The ANSF includes the Afghan National Army (ANA) and the Afghan National Police (ANP). 
“Strategically, the tide of the war is not with the Taliban and their fellow travelers,” he also said, adding that the Taliban knows “they are on the edge of strategic defeat.” 

The Afghan combat units “really do not need, with very few exceptions, tactical advisors with them on combat operations on a day in day out basis. We know that the Afghan battalions can fight. We know they can shoot, move, communicate,” Milley said. 

He said that the Taliban has lost popularity and credibility in Afghanistan.


4 thoughts on “War on terror is a lie: U.S. commander tells world Taliban on ‘edge of defeat’

  1. …I wonder what they have promised the good General in return for this line of BS…promotions…1st Class Assignments….Joint Chiefs?

    I wonder what he had to sell his soul for…in order to believe..or have us believe that Afghanistan or any of these other wars are about peace, development and security…or that they are based upon the lie that is 911….the General is a sad Tool….

    I hope he chokes to death…on a long rope …after being convicted of treason…and guarding the opium that the last 4 US Administrations having been controlling / shipping out of Afghanistan…

    What a group of traitorous, treasonous liars…

    RJ O’Guillory
    Webster Groves – The Life of an Insane Family

  2. Translation much is needed to be done after all that poppy crop has to be at its best and we have increased production so we can serve the whole world unabated.

  3. DHS was never intended to control terrorist from anywhere.It was formed to put into place a thug arm of the federal government to suppress Constitutional Americans because ameriKa has been sold down the river. They use it to ply the sheriffs of this country with MRAP’s and other military toys and work side by side of them to train them of the coming terror storm when the citizens revolt. Now we have the sheriffs working with DHS and the military for the coming event.How blind are these idiot ameriKans that still think that their vote count and the government is really working for them?

  4. “U.S. commander tells world Taliban on ‘edge of defeat’.”


    And Iran is only weeks away from having “THE BOMB”.


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