Why They Grab Your Guns (China/Newtown)

Sent to us by the author, “Barry Soetoro, Esq”

Pretend you’re the Regime.

Like Godzilla grabbing high-voltage lines, the Regime needs energy to grow. That means cash. Money for payoffs and pork.

You’ve got 3 sources for this cash: (i) Taxes, (ii) Chinese loans, and (iii) Printing. But lately, taxes are dwindling, since GDP is shrinking and there’s less to tax.  

So normally, you’d just borrow more from China. But after watching your terrible management of the USA, China cuts you off.

But you have a secret weapon – the printing press. You order the Treasury, “Start printing. Print $84 Billion a month.” Printing money is great, but soon you’ll hit hyperinflation and collapse the dollar – like Germany did in the 1920’s. Like Venezuela is doing. You know it. China knows it.

So where do you turn? You turn back to China – and make them an offer.


Land Is Gold

Think of America’s natural resources as gold.

Our waterways, minerals, oil, and land are “gold.” The continental USA is the bank surrounding that gold.

To enter the bank and steal that gold, you must get past the guards. But there’s not a couple guards. There’s 300 MILLION guards. And 80 million of them are packing heat.

Americans have shotguns and rifles. They’ve got old guns, they’ve got custom guns with their name engraved, they’ve got pink guns for their daughter’s birthday. And they’re watching for someone to try robbing their gold.

Senators make a living by grabbing control of this gold (land; docks; oil) and doling it out to cronies in exchange for kickbacks and campaign money. Typically, this scheme was financed by Chinese loans. But recently, China cut off Congress, since Congress is running the USA into the ground. After all, what if McCain collapses the dollar and can’t pay China back?

So to keep the gravy train rolling, Senator (pretend it’s McCain) tells China, “We’ll attach land to this deal – so if we DO bankrupt the USA, China (or a local Chinese company) can take possession of these 40,000 acres in Nevada.”


In other words, McCain attaches collateral (Nevada land) to new Chinese loans. This reassures China that if McCain crashes the dollar, China can recover some hard value. This sounds good, until China spots a problem.

That problem is “Billy Bob’s shotgun.”

Standing on top of China’s collateral (40,000 acres in Nevada) is Billy Bob and his neighbors. Most own shotguns. Most have good aim. They don’t care what McCain promised China. They’ll start shooting if China or DHS – or anyone – shows up and tries to take their land.


Upset about this, China says: “What good is that collateral to us? Sure, it’s 40,000 acres in Nevada – but nobody can take that land with Billy Bob living there!”

“Gee, you have a point,” McCain tells China. “Would you feel better if Billy Bob didn’t have guns?”

At this, China perks up. 40,000 acres of DISARMED land could be occupied, no problem. Especially if McCain’s army (DHS) pushes Billy Bob out.


Bundy Ranch

But before the Regime makes a move, they always do a test-run. To weed out mistakes. To gauge your reaction – will it fool you? Before Sandy Hook, their test run was Dunblane (Scotland) – same gun-hoax storyline, different school.

So before the Regime seizes land from Americans, they check your reaction – at Bundy Ranch.


BLM shows up and tries to kick folks off some land. Will townsfolk open fire? This time, the standoff might turn into a gunfight:


Since the shortcut (land grabs) will get ugly, the Regime chooses the long road. Instead of opening fire (and getting clobbered by armed citizens), the Regime hops aboard the Gun Grab Roadshow – fake shootings across the USA. Promoting these Fake Shootings are (Bloomberg-funded) front groups like Everytown For Gun Safety, MAIG (Mayors Against Illegal Guns), and Moms Demand Action:


So, instead of going to war with 80 Million gun owners (and watching DHS lose), the Regime will demonize guns at the state/city level, and remove them from society – step by step.

It will take a while – but as we’ll see, it’s well worth it.

China & Newtown

So far, the Gun Grab Roadshow’s biggest bang was Sandy Hook:


David and Francine Wheeler are PROFESSIONAL ACTORS (film & TV) who claim their “kid died” at Sandy Hook:


$500 Million showered CT after the fake Newtown “shooting.”


Millions went to FELONS and ACTORS to portray “Sandy Hook Parents.” Here, gun-grabbers Nicole Hockley and David Wheeler sell Sandy Hoax on ABCNEWS:


These actors hit the Gun Grab Roadshow, portraying “grieving parents” on a nationwide lobbying tour:


For example, alleged felon Neil Heslin:


But where did that $500 Million “production budget” come from? That funding may have come from China.

Bizarre connections between Sandy Hook and China include (i) A “diplomatic visit” to China by CT Governor Malloy, and (ii) A school stabbing rampage in China, the SAME DAY as Newtown’s fake shooting.

Communist China already banned guns – so they’re working on knives. The Chenpeng Village Primary School “stabbing” happened the SAME DAY as Newtown – so Communists could restrict knife purchases:


After those same-day “massacres,” China cracked down on knife purchases while Governor Malloy pimped gun-grab laws:


Has the USA joined China in a Communist plot to disarm citizens? Did Globalist bankers tell both countries (USA/China), “Disarm your citizens if you want more money?” Is that why both the USA and China staged twin “massacres” the same day?

Is that why children got strong-armed on FOX News? To show China the US Government could abuse citizens, just like Communist China?

Is that why Lieutenant Paul Vance made threats on live TV – to show Globalists his Regime can kill dissent, just like China?


Is that why Obama sent $2.5 Million of hush money to CT Police followed by $2.9 Million of “overtime?” To seize Federal control of local police – just like China does?

Is that why Governor Malloy is on video LYING about his Sandy Hook press conference? When confronted on camera, Malloy claims“some other Dan Malloy” gave his Newtown press conference. How does Governor Malloy openly lie about the “biggest school shooting in US history?” Is Malloy a regional politician controlled by the all-powerful Communist Party – just like in China?

Malloy better get his story straight – because Newtown is collapsing:


And weekly gun hoaxes (like Virginia’s “LIVE TV SHOOTING”) are falling apart within hours:


Bloomberg’s gun-hoax group (MAIG) got exposed as a pack of convicted-felon Mayors:


Gun-grabber Leland Yee (CA State Senator) got busted for arms trafficking:


Citizens are calling for Class Action lawsuits against Monte Frank (Newtown lawyer):


Obama’s gun-grab stunts are becoming obvious:


Americans are outraged over (alleged) Newtown child abuse on LIVE TV:

Meanwhile, New York’s (State Senator) Tony Avella is desperate – trying to ban large knives – similar to China’s “knife registration.”


USA Breakup Value

But why are politicians risking Treason charges to disarm you?

Because the USA – today, with armed citizens – is worth a lot.

But DISARMED, the USA is worth 1,000 times more.  Since politicians can break it up, pledge it out, sell off the pieces – without millions of gun owners stopping them.


A disarmed population can’t stop Congress from annexing land, giving seaports to China, handing chunks of America to Soros:


We can barely stop them now – but at least there’s a limit, since we have guns. Without those guns, there’s no limit to the looting. Without those guns, the value of our land (to traitors) skyrockets.

Does that sound paranoid? WND reports that Chinese government economists proposed “A plan to allow Chinese corporations to set up ‘development zones’ in the United States…… to convert into equity the more than $1 trillion in U.S. debt owned by the Chinese government. The next day, Jan. 21, 2013, WND documented the Obama administration began allowing China to acquire major ownership interests in oil and natural gas resources across the USA.”

A state-by-state list of China’s ownership of American oil and gas can be found at the Wall Street Journal. Meanwhile, citizen efforts to reclaim our lands can be found HERE.

But was BLM’s Bundy Ranch stunt more than a test? Harry Reid and his son “Rory, are both involved in an effort by Chinese energy giant, ENN Energy Group, to build a $5 billion solar farm and manufacturing plant in the southern Nevada desert.” Was Harry Reid trying to seize Bundy Ranch for the Red Chinese? Some say “Absolutely.” Senator Reid’s plot with China’s ENN Energy Group is explored by INFOWARS and WND.

How does the Regime get away with this? They brainwashed us, Soviet style:

Disarmed Robbery

The Regime has robbed us as far as they can – while we still possess firearms. They’ve taken our doctors. They’ve stolen our health plans. They’ve sent jobs and factories overseas, leaving 94 million Americans out of work. Our remaining jobs got downgraded from full-time (40 hours/week) to part-time (28 hours/week).

Our GDP shrinks, year after year. Companies that speak against the Regime get sabotaged by IRS.

In short, there’s nothing left to steal. The Uniparty picked us clean.


The only move left is slicing up the USA. Selling parts to the highest bidder.

And the only thing stopping that is Billy Bob’s shotgun.

That’s why the Regime needs your guns – ASAP.


To snatch your rifles, they invented the Gun Grab Roadshow – fake shootings across the USA to demonize guns.

That’s why Billy Bob is looking straight at the Regime.

That’s why Billy Bob is gearing up.


And that’s why the Boston Marathon “bombing” was Martial Law practice (for when Billy Bob discovers the Gun Grab Roadshow, and flips out):


NRA Forgives Fake Shootings?

If you missed my Newtown/Boston chat with Mike Shoesmith, LISTEN NOW:


 Barry Soetoro, Esq is a syndicated columnist focused on Fake Shootings and State Terror. Recently, Barry explored the Newtown CT “massacre” and the background of “Barack Hussein Obama.”


9 thoughts on “Why They Grab Your Guns (China/Newtown)

  1. This is a good article. The author did a nice job of laying out the entire scheme so it’s easy for the TV-brainwashed to understand, and believe.

    (and the brainwashed should be the intended target, because the awakened don’t need the lesson)

    But of course, you also have to hope they’re not convinced that they already “know everything” because they read the NY Slimes everyday.

    People who know everything, can’t learn anything, and they’re always the last to admit they’ve been fooled.

    1. Nice to have the dot to dot, and because of the content, my desktop now is the picture of O’bomber’s truth.
      They’ll have steel shot and lead from this here uh’merikan, so they need not bother poking around.
      IRS is starting to grumble, the wife begins to mumble, and i don’t really want a rumble!
      Truly, however morbid, death is the ONLY escape, altho the IRS follows you. They say you can’t take it with you, but the bastards chase whoever you leave behind. Talk about life after death.
      Love kills ’em, and love has been intended with all of my armaments and ammo.

  2. Excellent rendition of current events. Eventually we will all be faced with the question: Freedom or slavery. Time is running short.

  3. “Standing on top of China’s collateral (40,000 acres in Nevada) is Billy Bob and his neighbors. Most own shotguns.”

    I think they’ve got a helluva lot more than SHOTGUNS to worry about.

    “So, instead of going to war with 80 Million gun owners (and watching DHS lose), the Regime will demonize guns at the state/city level, and remove them from society – step by step.”

    How’s that working out for you SO FAR?

    Last I heard, Americans are buying guns & ammo in record numbers.

    Molon labe, traitors!

    ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
    ……….”…………. _.·´

  4. And this brings me back full circle on Harry Reid
    When I made the comment about where he got his face fed to him dirty deals come with a cost
    F the chinks , because there will be people like me at every step, come and take it!

  5. Just had a “Sandy Hook” conversation with a coworker. No sooner did I get out “I think Sandy Hook was faked,” I was verbally assaulted with obscene and abusive accusations that not only questioned my sanity, but also my humanity. I give up…for now.

    1. You scared them, Malcolm. I suspect that deep down inside they know you’re right (or you wouldn’t have gotten the reaction you did), but admitting that you’re right forces them to question everything they believe, and it’s just too disturbing for them. (you got the textbook “cognitive dissonance” response)

      Let them rest a while, so you don’t scare them away from you permanently, and raise the subject in the future with innocent questions that force them to think about it (ie. what ever happened to the car parked outside that was riddled with bullet holes? Who fired those shots?)

      Ask them sincerely, as if you’re expecting them to provide an answer.

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