Wtf? ABC News reports on “Hillary Clinton’s death”!

Published on Sep 12, 2016 by TransmiTV

Good evening, everyone. I’m Sandra Bookman. And I’m Joe Torres. We begin with the breaking news of Hillary Clinton’s death.

Wtf? ABC News reports on “Hillary Clinton’s death”! This is definitely going to fuel the “Hillary body double” conspiracy…

20 thoughts on “Wtf? ABC News reports on “Hillary Clinton’s death”!

  1. Well maybe she’s dead. (where’s that Champagne bottle?)

    They often slip the truth out accidentally, and cover it up later.

    “This is definitely going to fuel the “Hillary body double” conspiracy…”

    I’m taking credit for the “body double conspiracy”, even though I said it yesterday in jest. It still wouldn’t surprise me.

  2. Hmmm, if true it would truly be a day to celebrate! Ding dong the witch is dead. (I wish, I wish, I wish)!
    That was really mean of me to say. I would never wish anything bad to happen to a fellow human.

    *wham*! I just hit myself with the board of wisdom. That’s right… She’s not human!!!

  3. I told you her name is “Robert Paulson”.
    Now let’s get rid of the evidence.
    Take her out back to the garden and bury her.

  4. Looking at the 9-11 hillary video…I have to say it could be thought of as someone being really mean. The torture of being sent out into public to have this happen. To humiliate and torture her. Being paraded , then going for cover. One could say she’s being punished. She could kick back and spend the rest of her life where ever . Enjoying what’s left of it. Thoughts?

  5. Yeaahhh….!
    Burning in hell for eternity isn’t good enough for her.
    I’d sentence her to at least three consecutive life soul sentences to burn in hell.
    Well as long as I can be her parole officer.
    I would just recommend a good witch burning at the stake for the first sentence.
    Using her serial rapist husband as the fire starter.
    Yes…. there is a God….

  6. It would not hurt my feeling any to hear of her going into a coma like the former Israeli Ariel Sharon.
    In reality, she could do nothing without the willing participation of the enforcement class and others willing to share in her corrupt ventures.

  7. If she’s not dead this could have been put out by the power’s that be too discredit the indipendement and social media after they rejuvenate her then trot her out for everyone to see.

    1. I believe you hit the nail right on the head, yet through our forum it is shown that nobody here believes just anything.
      I can hear her now, “I even heard I was dead, geez, these conspiracy theorists.”
      Sorry, Hillary, we know you are not dead, evil like you does not pass so easily. You need to be tried and the world watch you shake and shit yourself, as you know the verdict is justice and you and your communist allies would have to have a lot more life sacrifices for your entourage into the 9th circuit of hell.
      It does not matter what they say any more as anyone with half a brain understands exactly what is going on. These Zio-Commie-One-Worlders are not even trying to convince stupid people any more, as impossible as it sounds, the line on stupidity has run itself out and what you have left are the stupid people that we can’t reach and that they really don’t have to bother with. The time has come for us to openly mock them for the pathetic excuse for confidence men and women they display. They have pigeon-holed themselves. Their act has gone to shit and they don’t have another act, at least not one anyone would believe.


    1. Don’t mean to be ugly but who gives two shits? Folks are so ready to get this thing started……bring it down. Sad to say but true.

      1. I just commented about that for the entertainment value we would get from watching the sheeple beg for the Nobility to rescue their country from the imaginary crisis.

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