You too can be a Snitch!

This was sent to my email. So for those of you who need more schooling or a career change, I have just the degree for you. Earn a Homeland Security degree!

They’ll teach you how to spy on Americans, snitch and make you believe everything the government says is the truth and everything anyone else says is a lie and a sign of terrorism. What more can you ask for in an education?  

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21 thoughts on “You too can be a Snitch!

      1. i looks like someone(NC?) cut and past the cover letter into MS-word

        I think the guy has two radios because one is for normal use and the other is the “calling all false flag flash mob actors” one.

  1. Guys, don’t get carried away. 😆 The link is just the MS word document I created, showing a copy of the email that was sent to me in which I sent to Henry to post. It is not a virus. lol

  2. Wouldn’t it be fun to infiltrate one of these groups in order to get the lowdown on their plans and then report it back to the Patriots instead of being a snitch? The game plays well in reverse too I would think.
    . . .

    1. Cathleen, I am some what of a us civil war buff….I have no more than a couple of hardback books of which there are more than one thousand, i m sure………
      One of the things of the time then, women did just what you are talking about….
      They were thought of as women…and rarely suspected of carrying!!!
      Cool, I thought, when I read it………….You go for it!!! that they did!

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