Zionist Mob Attacks Pro-Palestine Protesters at UCLA While Screaming ‘Second Nakba’

By Chris Menahan – Information Liberation

Zionist thugs were filmed violently attacking pro-Palestine protesters while screaming “Second Nakba!” at UCLA late Tuesday night.

“200+ pro-Israel counterprotestors are attacking the @UCLA pro-Palestinian encampment,” the Los Angeles Times’ Teresa Watanabe reported. “They started beating on one student and stomped another under a plywood board per @latimes @safinazzal on the scene. Where is UCLA security?”

“Pro-Israel counterprotestors started tearing down @UCLA encampment barriers and screamed ‘Second nakba!’ referring to the mass displacement & dispossession of Palestinians during the 1948 Arab-Israeli war,” she said in another tweet.






A pro-Palestine protester was smashed in the head with a metal baton, according to a witness.

[The video is being blocked from being embedded directly by Elon Musk’s Twitter for “graphic content.”]






Police eventually arrived on the scene early Wednesday morning but let the Zionists continue to attack the pro-Palestine protesters:



No doubt these Zionist thugs’ actions will get the same hysterical coverage as the Zionist student activist who laughably claimed a week ago that she was “stabbed in the eye” by a pro-Palestine protester.

3 thoughts on “Zionist Mob Attacks Pro-Palestine Protesters at UCLA While Screaming ‘Second Nakba’

    1. Oh to be sure galen. JDF terrorists are everywhere. Violence is their trademark as it has always been all through history.

  1. “jewish Mob Attacks Pro-Palestine Protesters at UCLA While Screaming ‘Second Nakba'”

    There, I fixed the headline YET again. So many people afraid to call a spade a spade. Spine growth needs to reach epidemic proportions at this stage but it all starts with 1 or 2 here & there & I’m not seeing that in any of the required places at the moment!

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