Ron Paul Institute – by Daniel McAdams

What a week in US foreign policy! First President Trump approves a commando raid in Yemen that was a total fiasco, leaving one US soldier and scores of innocent women and children dead. Then Trump’s Iran-obsessed National Security Advisor, Gen. Michael Flynn, hijacks a White House Press conference to put Iran “on notice” over its legal testing of a missile and the false claim that it is involved in the Yemen war.

But today marks an own-goal hat trick! Today, President Trump’s Ambassador to the United Nations, former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley used her first appearance before the UN Security Council to condemn Russia for the renewed violence in eastern Ukraine.   Continue reading “Trump Team Gone Wild: Now UN Ambassador Threatens Russia!”

Anti-War – by Daniel McAdams

You will often see potentially important pieces of legislation languish in the US House. A bill will remain active, meaning that it can be brought to the Floor at any time. But it flies just under the radar. Other times the language floats around Washington for years until a “crisis” necessitates its activation and passage. As we know well, what eventually became the PATRIOT Act – one of the single greatest attacks on civil liberties in US history – started out and spent much of its early life as a sugar-plumb fairy dancing in neocon fantasies. Then came 9/11 and it was dusted off and imposed on the American people. And the United States has never been – and may never be – the same. Either way, these measures are important if seldom seen.   Continue reading “Pre-Emptive Attack Iran Bill Active in US House”

Times of Israel

In what is being seen as a challenge to US President Donald Trump, Iran tested a 4,000 kilometer range (2,500 miles) ballistic missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead, US officials said Monday.

Terming the test a “flagrant breach” of UN Security Council resolutions, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promptly demanded the reimposition of sanctions against Iran and said he would discuss with Trump a reevaluation of the “entire failed nuclear accord” that the Obama Administration and other P5+1 countries agreed with Iran in 2015.   Continue reading “After Iran tests ballistic missile, Netanyahu urges rethink of ‘failed’ nuke deal”

Every Trencher should watch this video several times…this is what they are planning against red blooded Americans…

Fusion Centers, FEMA Camps, Interrogation Centers…now you know positively what the coffins are for; their for you and me and the family…  Erick Price is a close adviser to Trump.  This video ties all the loose ends together.  Americans have no concept of what these traitors have planned for them, NO Constitution…NO Bill of Rights…Abject slavery to the Beast and his Image.   Continue reading “Trump Admin Raising Phoenix Program From the Ashes”

Trump the magician…get ready ‘peace and security then sudden destruction’…if this is not the height of hypocrisy.  The fix is in and this ‘so called Christian commentator of this video has his head in rectal defilade.  Totally brain dead…Israel, US, Turkey, Saudi, UAE. Qator created Isis…Trump picks up phone and now these demons are going to work with Trump…bullshit, deception both sides work together…plain as day!

Trenchers know how these Christians are part of the whore.  Slick as snot with no critical brain power.  The commis and facists will follow these pied pipers over the cliff.  All fluff for prophets and teachers who recline on pillow couches like the Romans and then puke their shit out.
Continue reading “Trump Sets Up 6 Refugee Safe Zones in One Day”

Unz Review – by The Saker

A Russian joke goes like this: “Question: why can there be no color revolution in the United States? Answer: because there are no US Embassies in the United States.

Funny, maybe, but factually wrong: I believe that a color revolution is being attempted in the USA right now.   Continue reading “A “Color Revolution” Is Under Way in the United States”

World News Stand

“National Emergency: A state of national crisis; a situation demanding immediate and extraordinary national or federal action” Black’s Law Dictionary

“I think of all the damnable heresies that have ever been suggested in connection with the Constitution, the doctrine of emergency is the worst. It means that when Congress declares an emergency, there is no Constitution… for when this bill becomes a law, …there is no longer any workable Constitution to keep the Congress within the limits of its Constitutional powers.” -Spoken by Congressman Beck in 1933 prior to the passage of the Farm Bill.

Continue reading “America’s Constitutional Dictatorship”

Press TV

The US House of Representatives has overwhelmingly passed a bipartisan measure to disapprove a United Nations Security Council resolution that condemned Israeli settlements on the occupied Palestinian territories.

The motion, passed 342 to 80 on Thursday, described last month’s resolution as “an obstacle to Israel-Palestinian peace,” and was a rebuke to President Barack Obama’s approach to the US-Israel relationship.   Continue reading “US House votes to disavow UN resolution against Israel”

CBC News

Rita Fulciniti put a down payment on a new west-end condo, thinking that home ownership would bring her a little comfort and financial security in her retirement years. Instead, the 66-year-old is living in a homeless shelter, broke, and still chasing the Toronto real estate agent who borrowed her life savings.

In March 2014, Fulciniti’s $42,000 down payment was for a second-floor unit in the Vivid Condos on Michael Power Place near Bloor Street West and Islington Avenue. A year later, while the condo was still under construction, Fulciniti learned her potential roommate wouldn’t be moving into the building.    Continue reading “Woman living in shelter after she says real estate agent took her life savings”

Public Integrity – by Michael Beckel

Donald Trump routinely blasts his political foes for “pay-to-play” politics and “crony capitalism and corruption.”

But Trump is now rewarding some of his biggest campaign bankrollers with unparalleled access, influence, prestige and power in his presidential administration-in-waiting, according to a Center for Public Integrity analysis of new campaign finance disclosures filed with the Federal Election Commission.   Continue reading “Donald Trump rewarding million-dollar donors with plum postings”

Henry Makow

Trump- Israel’s Trojan Horse? 

Latest– Wayne Madsen – Trump Must Stop NeoCon Invasion of His Admin

Americans are holding their breath wondering if Trump is the “real deal.” Some are wondering if the Judeo Masonic conspiracy model has been shattered. The appointment of Breitbart News CEO Steven Bannon as Trump “Chief Strategist” provides a clue. Breitbart was set up in 2007 to counter criticism of Israel by left-leaning American Jews.  To this day, it is essentially an Israeli propaganda outlet,  garnering a tremendous following by championing the “alt right”.
Continue reading “Trump- Have Americans Been Neo Conned?”

True Zionist Whore like good old boy Bernie – Traitors to America: Purveyors of Chaos…

Take a good look, facial arrogance, especially the eyes…a stinking whore turd Zionist who rides the beast…the beast does her bidding!

For those who do not know Zionist Israel is the little horn of Daniel that springs up among the horns and subdues 3, Israel is the beast which was, is not yet is. Israel is the 8 head which is of the 7 heads. MYSTERY   Continue reading “Jill Stein”

American Herald Tribune

“The small jump needed for Egyptian-Syrian relations to go back to normal” that Syrian Prime Minister Walid al-Muallem spoke of has been achieved apparently. Mohammad Ballout, from Assafir Lebanese Daily, reported that some Egyptian military formations have recently arrived to Syria, signaling an end to the time where Egypt simply stood by, hands crossed, looking at the goings-on in Syria.   Continue reading “Egypt Says No to Saudi, Drafts Generals and Pilots to Fight Alongside Syrian Army against ISIS”

Global Research – by Larry Chin

America has never faced chaos of this nature in modern times: manufactured domestic political terrorism disguised as civil unrest, masking a coup.

This ongoing “post election coup” marked by engineered “protest movements” and corporate media propaganda   constitutes a treasonous direct attack on American democracy guided by Democratic Party operatives and various influential corporate fronts supportive of Hillary Clinton.   Continue reading “Post Election Chaos, Trump Presidency Under Siege: Guided Anarchy and “The Purple Revolution””

Reuters – by Tulay Karadeniz

Turkey said a suspected Syrian air strike had killed three of its soldiers overnight, in what appeared to be the first Turkish casualties at the hands of the Damascus government’s forces since Ankara launched an incursion into Syria three months ago.

The attack occurred at around 3:30 am during a Turkish-backed Syrian rebel operation in northern Syria, the Turkish military said in a statement on Thursday.   Continue reading “Turkish army says suspected Syrian air strike kills three soldiers”