10 thoughts on “Big Boy No. 4014

  1. “It really is a tribute to the just intrepid nature of our nation and Americans generally. They take on obstacles and move forward regardless of the challenges.”


      1. I know he was referring to the train but I kept thinking of reference to our Bill of Rights………we can do this, we can and will restore our ratified law

  2. Wow Katie, thank you!! Got me wishing I was in Texas today to see this beauty. How I love trains. Don’t know what it is but they certainly awaken something in me, more than nostalgia, something like connection to something better than what we have now. Freedom? Romanticism? Places unknown? All of that. So glad they restored this beauty. Boy, we sure did know how to make stuff.


    1. You’re welcome galen. The steam was incredible to see & feel. Lot’s of folks got what one old fellow called a steam bath. Blew the grass mixed with steam all over people that were close enough, such as myself. I had no idea this would happen. No big deal, just had bits of grass on boots & leg parts. That horn blowing as it came toward us is so lonely but so exhilarating.

      Lots of people put coins on the tracks including myself but they were no where to be found once the Big Boy passed. Not sure if anyone else actually got a smashed coin out of it. Met a local lady there who retired after 20 yrs. from being a conductor with Southern/Union Pacific. She said it was rare back then for women to work there. She also, which made Mark Schumacher come to mind, said that it is so regulated now that working there would be terrible, cameras everywhere in the cars, etc..

      We agreed this whole country is under surveillance.

      1. Thanks for taking me there, Katie. The good was so much bigger than the bad. And at least you met someone who knew what we’re up against.


  3. Some cool Americana stuff, Katie. Thank you! Definitely a different era, altogether. While WE Americans trusted, lived, fought, cared for and ultimately died without malice, greedy pretense or deception, as per our obligations in this life, others were already then plotting and scheming to steal from US. As innocent as it was for so many then, I wouldn’t give up being here and now for anything, knowing what WE know.

  4. Iconic American muscle, there ate 8 of these left, only one fully restored and fully operational. You’ll notice this one had another modern deisel engine attached to make sure this beauty got it straight. 🙂

  5. Love them ol wood/coal burners

    Got to ride the Silverton when I was a kid
    Narrow gauge from Silverton to Durango

  6. Are you sure that isn’t CGI?!?
    Just kidding, that thing is ENORMOUS.
    Why haven’t we progressed? Sure, we have cell phones and computers, but our advancement from these beginnings seems to have been stymied. We do not build anything of substance anymore. Everything is temporary. We need to get back to building things that last, like indestructible skyscrapers, oh wait, that’s been…

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