6 thoughts on “Bodyguard would take bullet for Bundy

  1. BAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!!! Oh man, CNN COMMUNIST NEWS NETWORK/CIA NEWS NETWORK is at it again with their infamous skewed reporting. It’s so obvious. This reporter needs to be hanged for sedition. He even looks like Mitt Romney. Oh man, what I wouldn’t give to deck that SOB reporter in the face.

    “Doesn’t that offend you?” says the reporter.

    Oh man, I would have decked the reporter right there and said, “No, but you do!”.

    The elite are continually using the MSM to stir up trouble within the ranks of the militia by playing psychological warfare with them in order to get to Bundy and his land. It’s so pathetic because it ain’t working and you can see the commenters on all the MSM websites telling the MSM to go to hell with their skewed propaganda. It’s hilarious.

  2. our local media propaganda is in full swing and the idiots commenting and the papers hirelings are calling racism.
    however, i’m sure cliven bundy can thank native Americans for the land he’s got but the federal gov has done far worse and it doesn’t matter what race you are.
    as Russell means would say, welcome to the reservation.

  3. Funny how the MSM had no time to report on the Bundy ranch siege or Harry Reid’s dirty deals..Until they could find a way to slander Mr. Bundy..than they went hole hog on him, and still have forgotten (on purpose im sure) all of Harry Reids dirty dealings

    Hey MSM when you become irrelevant to the rest of the general public dont come cryin to us

    1. Don’t worry, the general public won’t come crying to anybody.
      They are more likely to come charging at those who know and speak the truth with 5 million brainwashed, screaming feminazi’s and Peta followers ripping everything in their path apart with their bare hands. The rest of the sheep will follow.

    2. @VRF you are 100% correct I could never have said it better myself, main spew news avoided this story like no one’s business, until the comments the other day now its day and night non stop racist this racist that mehh they make me sick.

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