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  1. USA!!!!!!

  2. How about a very serious comment. Try this on for size
    When you have no positive cultural identity you get some one like in this picture. He is all ready pulled down so the only direction he will go if given a chance. Well it takes more strength of character to move up. He will not move in that direction now will he.
    National Socialist Greetings one and ALL

    1. Hi Hal Apeeno,

      Hahahahaha,…. I think your right,….

      In fact, taking a second look here,… I’m betting his nostril-side-vents will act just a compensator on the end of an M-16, and cause bogga’s to blow out both sides at once,.. thereby helping to keep his nose from jumping up when sneezes!

      JD – Marines – This might be patentable!


      1. LOL! Stop it, coffee almost came out my nose from laughing!
        Sure glad I never installed “nostril-side-vents”.

        PS. I thought they were deer whistles for jogging back roads.

    1. Sorry Misty. I just couldn’t help myself. Have seen some worse than this. I just cant rap my mind around why one would want to do this to oneself.

      1. Hi Paul,

        No need to apologize.

        The question is,… how many of our young Americans have had their brains turned into scrambled eggs like this,.. or is in some degree of this kind of mental destruction thanks to the Zionist-jew take-over of this country,… and the installation of their Zionist conditioning thru every facet of society???

        JD – US Marines – Why didn’t America have kids that looked like this in the 18 and early 1900’s? (You know,.. before the Zionists had subverted our culture..)


  3. I’m a metal-head. Hope you like my picture. I would like you to know I am fully programmed and fully complicit with the agenda that teaches me I am worthless. Each day I go along with being debased and dehumanized. I am so cool. No one is cooler than I. Tomorrow I am to become a woman, then I will be a complete realization of my masters’ vision, just by mastering my coolness. And who knows, soon I may be a porn star. I am so free, free to be enslaved. I can’t wait to see how I look when I’m 50!! 

  4. *WARNING* Do not invite this man to the cocaine party.

    “The better to smell you with my dear.”

    Maybe he is a Hole’e Man.

  5. On second thought, I kind of have to agree with Neal. This is sad. The suffering of the guy in the picture must be immense. I have to muster the compassion to see what’s been done to our youth, and to some degree to ourselves. What the hell happened to wholesome? We let it slip away; or rather, they stole it from us. Innocence abducted. Dignity seemingly doomed. But it’s never too late to work to get it back. Man, I’ve known some good people in my time. They help me keep going. I just wish everyone had an eye to discern what is ugly from what is beautiful.

  6. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

    This fella could use a good dose of the good news, the Gospel.

    He has corrupted the beautiful human body. Wait till he wakes up, and hopefully he will one day, and has to deal with the damage he’s done to his bod.

    1. Hi Katie,

      I do love your eternal spirit, but trust me,… this picture is of the remains of unsalvageable wreckage only…..

      JD – US Marines – The failures of remotely caring parents,… coupled with Zionist-jew conditioning of our youth caused irreversible destruction of this thing LONGGGGGggggggggggggg before this picture was taken.


  7. The only time I see boys with those stupid ear whatevers that create holes in earlobes is when I go to El Paso, not even Midland-Odessa has this kind of face mutilation. Folks that’s what this really looks like. Glad I home schooled my kids! And his nose? How does he do that? (Even Satanic rockers don’t look this bad!)

  8. Hey, I knew this guy in high school.
    No. I’m to old for that.
    Hmmm. I seen his name somewhere.
    I know.
    Frank N. Stein.
    Get it? Says Karl Childers.

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