Russian diplomat ‘found dead from gunshot wounds at home just hours after ambassador killed at art exhibition’

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A Russian diplomat has been found dead from gunshot wounds at his home, it is reported.

Petr Polshikov, 56, was discovered with a bullet injury to his head at his flat in Moscow’s Balaklavsky Prospekt, according to local media.

The alleged shooting came just hours after the news broke of the assassination of Russian ambassador to Turkey, Andrei Karlov.  

Karlov was killed by his police protection officer who screamed “Allahu Akbar” and “Don’t forget Aleppo, don’t forget Syria.”

He was shot in the back by 22-year-old Turkish policeman Mevlut Mert Altintas in what Russia last night described as a “terrorist act”.

In Polshikov’s shooting, reported by Ren TV early today, two empty bullet shells were found in the high-ranking diplomat’s flat.

A gun was also reportedly discovered under the sink in the bathroom.

The circumstances of the incident remain unclear, and it is understood police are examining all possible theories as to Polshikov’s death.

The diplomat’s wife was reportedly in the flat at the time of the shooting, but is safe.

Polshikov was said to be a senior figure in the Latin American department of the Russian foreign ministry.

Some reports claim he had left the Foreign Ministry, but it is unclear if he worked for any other branch of the Russian government.

He had served previously at the Russian embassy in Bolivia.

It comes as Britain has apparently been ‘blamed’ for Karlov’s assassination.

Russian ultranationalist leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky claimed the attack was intended to stop an upcoming visit by Mr Erdogan to Moscow to seal closer ties with Mr Putin.

He said: “The West is trying to embroil us. All conflicts were inspired by Britain.

“This is done deliberately to frustrate Erdogan’s visit. For sure, now, the visit will be postponed.”

Meanwhile, Kremlin senator Frantz Klintsevich, deputy chairman of the Russian upper chamber’s defence and security committee, pointed the finger at NATO.

He said: “It can be ISIS , or the Kurdish army which tries to hurt Erdogan.

“But maybe – and it is highly likely – that representatives of foreign NATO secret services are behind it.

“What has happened is a true provocation, a challenge. It is a challenge for Russia.”

Karlov, 62, was shot nine times as he was filmed making a speech at an art gallery in the Turkish capital, Ankara.

Horrific footage shows the diplomat wincing in pain as gunshots loudly ring out, before collapsing on to the ground.

His assassin was then cornered by Turkish police colleagues and killed.

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan called Russian president Vladimir Putin yesterday to discuss the shocking attack.

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  1. “bullet injury to his head”?
    That’s what you say when the bullet grazes your scalp.
    Otherwise the term penetrating gunshot wound(s) to the head are a better choice of words. Or just gunshot head wounds?
    Maybe it’s just a bad translation from Russian.

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