Conservative dad who launched war on Maine school districts over transgender bathroom policies, CRT lessons and LGBT books kills himself aged 53


A conservative activist who was embroiled in several lawsuits with Maine school districts over transgender inclusive policies and critical race theory has died by suicide.

Shawn McBreairty, 53, made a name for himself in 2021 after he appeared on Tucker Carlson‘s now-defunct Fox News show and claimed he would not be allowed at his twins’ daughters graduation over his opposition to the district’s teachings on race.

McBreairty, who called himself ‘America’s Most Dangerous Dad,’ had been banned from the properties of Cumberland’s Maine School Administrative District 51 after he padlocked a billboard to a school fence demanding superintendent Jeff Porter be fired.

Friends of the activist and his wife Patti have been posting their condolences on social media, with several local news outlets reporting that McBreairty died on Monday. The details of his death remain unclear.

In recent years, McBreairty accused Maine public school districts, state agencies and teachers of indoctrinating students with a progressive agenda, as reported by Bangor Daily News.

After his daughter’s graduations, McBreairty moved to Hampden and began attending board meetings there, even though he did not have children at any schools there.

He was vocal at the meetings for Regional School Unit 22 and spoke of his opposition to library books such as All Boys Aren’t Blue which critics say includes sexually graphic material.

The district banned McBreairty from school functions, citing his ‘blatant and repeated failure to comply with reasonable RSU 22 policies regarding meeting attendance.’

The activist made a name for himself in 2021 after he appeared on Tucker Carlson 's now-defunct Fox News show

Officials also said McBreairty played a recording during one of the meetings that contained ‘obscene language.’

But the US District Court for Maine eventually reversed the order, deciding McBreairty’s free speech was being restricted.

McBreairty had also been sued by the neighboring Hermon School Department, where a teacher accused him of bullying and lying about her in 2021.

The suit claimed McBreairty lied about the teacher on podcasts and social media, claiming she was a ‘sexual predator’ and ‘grooming children,’

He also filed lawsuits against Brewer and in Hermon officials, alleging they violated his First Amendment rights.

Most recently, in in February, McBreairty claimed he filed another lawsuit, this time  against Brewer High School Superintendent Gregg Palmer, Brewer High School Principal Brent Slowikowski and Michelle MacDonald, an English teacher at the school.

He argued in the suit that students should be able to petition that the school reverse its transgender bathroom policy, which allows students to use the bathroom that corresponds with their gender identity.

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  1. “The details of his death remain unclear.”..but they ruled it a suicide ? .. um yeah I think there’s more to this

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