MSM and Social Media Discredit #PizzaGate as a “Fake News Conspiracy Theory”

Daisy Luther

I’m getting pretty used to the things I write being scorned as “fake news” by the people who just wish I’d shut up and go away. I understand that cognitive dissonance runs deep and that you can’t reach everyone. I tend to ignore them and carry on with what I’m doing.

But Faux Fox News got my attention with today’s headline:

Man with rifle arrested at DC restaurant targeted by fake news conspiracy theories


After everything that has been uncovered by Wikileaks and citizen journalists about the pedophile ring lurking around Washington DC, they’re calling this “fake news conspiracy theories?”

I suppose when your bread is buttered by the government and when you are nothing but a mouthpiece for those in charge, you say whatever they want you to say.

I suppose that when the lies you’ve been espousing for decades all begin to unravel, you’ll say anything to cover your own behind.

I suppose that for some it seems okay to you’ll publish garbage like this:

Comet Ping Pong’s owner and several employees were deluged by threats from social media users after several fake news stories claimed that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her campaign chief John Podesta ran a pedophilia ring out of the restaurant. The story was spread using the Twitter hashtag “Pizzagate.”

D.C. police said Welch told officers in a post-arrest interview he went to Comet to “self-investigate ‘Pizza Gate[sic].’”

Last month, D.C. police told Fox 5 that they were not investigating Comet and were keeping an eye on those who were threatening the restaurant and its employees.

Restaurant general manager Bryce Reh told the station that some conspiracy theorists were using photos of actual children from the establishment’s website to push the false stories…

…James Alefantis, owner of Comet Ping Pong, released a statement late Sunday night that denied what he called the “malicious and utterly false accusations” and said the company hoped to resume normal operations within a few days.

“I hope that those involved in fanning these flames will take a moment to contemplate what happened here today, and stop promoting these falsehoods right away,” Alefantis said in the statement.

I’ll bet he does.

Despite the efforts to silence all talk of #PizzaGate, it has become the subject of a worldwide citizen investigation. Officials are doing nothing, but independent media and citizen investigators are refusing to be silenced.

When the media is this frantic to deny that they’re covering something up, you can bet your bottom dollar that what they’re covering up is probably even worse than what we’ve already come to suspect.

Or are we just getting played?

But now, after the man with a gun walked into Comet Ping Pong, the pizzeria at the center of this whole mess, some independent media folks are starting to wonder if we’re being played in a giant psyop.

Yes, there’s a lot of horrifying, suspicious stuff going on.

Yes, there’s plenty of evidence of a cover up.

There probably are pedophiles running amok who have the power and means to cover up their dirty secrets. In fact, there are  even some shady links between George Soros and James Alefantis, the owner of Comet Pizza.

Is this is a tool that will be used to silence dissenters? Are the people involved in #PizzaGate co-opting the investigation and turning it around to discredit the people reporting on it? Was it a set-up from the very beginning?

 Piper McGowan of The Daily Sheeple wrote an in-depth article on the topic. She concluded:

Does all of this mean the allegations in the Pizzagate conspiracy are real or fake?

The answer is neither. All of this information ultimately proves nothing either way. Pizzagate is still an unconfirmed conspiracy theory.

BUT now, that isn’t even the point. The point is how this story will be used against the alternative media reporting on it. Lots of alt sites have already been attacked and many shut down for reporting on it, oursincluded. No doubt this will continue.

Now what if I told you that George Soros has indirectly funded Comet Ping Pong and Mr. Alefantis? Would you just consider for a moment the totality of what I’m suggesting here?

The point is that psyops can still have grains of truth. Lots of them. In fact, a psyop can be overflowing with truth… and still completely misdirect people.

Are these people creepy? A whole lot of people the globe over think they are, me included. Are there pedophile references here? Yes. Does that mean Pizzagate is proof of a pedophile ring? None of this information is hard proof of anything.

Will this whole situation be used to shut down the alternative media or at least kill anonymity online?

They are certainly going to try, and Pizzagate gives them a ton of ammunition with which to do so.

The silencing has already begun.

Public forums are beginning to crack down. Twitter has reportedly squashed the #PizzaGate hashtag to keep it out of the trending subjects. The topic has been banned on Reddit.

One independent media website has been hit with DMCA violations for investigating and reporting on PizzaGate. Here’s what happened to The Daily Sheeple.

Dresden James, a British novelist, wrote, “When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.”

I can hardly think of anything more applicable to this tangled skein of lies, plots, and cover-ups.

Daisy Luther

2 thoughts on “MSM and Social Media Discredit #PizzaGate as a “Fake News Conspiracy Theory”

  1. All part of the disinfo agenda, they flood the stream of consciousness with so many lies the truth is but a whimper to the weak minded.

    Fact :
    Sick freaks have a hold on the ring of power.


  2. Must be something to it
    I see them already running around scared and knocking shit over
    More pressure til this zit pops people
    These Fcks are evil and they need to have the light cast upon them now !

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