13 Families of the Illuminati – Part 2 – The Bundy Bloodline

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The Bloodline Of The Illuminati Who’s Who And How part 4

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Dee’s Art

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Day 85 – Where is Eric Braverman? Part 1 Who Killed Monica Petersen?

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Oil spill worse than initially thought

KY 3 News

EVERTON, Mo. A local highway is closed to traffic– after a pipeline spilled thousands of gallons of crude oil. The leak was detected Saturday morning in rural Lawrence County, near Everton.

And while crews work to vacuum the oil, Highway M remains closed.   Continue reading

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Video of massive Florida ‘dinosaur’ gator creates buzz

News 6

LAKELAND, Fla. – And you thought dinosaurs were extinct.

Video of a massive alligator spotted in Lakeland was posted to Facebook on Sunday, raising the eyebrows of many.

Kim Joiner told News 6 that she captured the video at the Polk Nature Discovery Center.

“It looks like a dinosaur,” News 6 anchor Justin Warmoth said.   Continue reading

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Every bunny was kung fu fighting

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A look at the 17 agencies that make up the U.S. intelligence community

LA Times – by Nina Agrawal

The U.S. intelligence community recently reaffirmed its conclusion that senior officials in Russia were behind hacks during the 2016 presidential campaign into the Democratic National Committee and emails belonging to associates of Hillary Clinton.

But what exactly is the “intelligence community?” It’s not just an amorphous term for all U.S. intelligence officials. It’s a veritable alphabet soup of 17 agencies and offices. The group includes agencies strictly focused on intelligence as well as the intelligence arms of other government agencies and of the military. Its total budget in 2015 was $66.8 billion.
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Feds want facial biometrics that can idenitfy people based on facial hair, skin tone, weight and more


The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) otherwise known as the Dept. of Commerce plans to evaluate facial biometrics for the government.

Beginning next month, the NIST will begin evaluating facial recognition technology algorithms. The NIST calls it the ‘Face Recognition Vendor Test‘ (FRVT).    Continue reading

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Permission Not Required: “Constitutional Carry” Bill Introduced in Indiana

Tenth Amendment Center – by Mike Maharrey

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Jan. 16, 2017) – A so-called  “Constitutional Carry” bill filed in the Indiana House would make it legal for most Hoosiers to carry a firearm without a license, and foster an environment hostile to federal gun control.

Rep. Jim Lucas (R) and three cosponsors introduced House Bill 1159 (HB1159) on Jan. 9. The legislation would repeal the law requiring a person to obtain a license to carry a handgun in Indiana. If passed, any person otherwise legally authorized to carry a handgun could carry concealed without a permit. The law would still allow Indiana residents to obtain a license so they can carry in states that have conceal carry reciprocity with the state.   Continue reading

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Rules of Reality

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From The Trenches Radio January 16, 2017

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Law would cut off aid to countries that refuse to accept illegal immigrant criminals

Fox News – by Malia Zimmerman

A proposed law that would punish countries that refuse to take back their illegal immigrant criminals is two years too late to save Casey Chadwick, but the Texas congressman behind it figures it’s the least Washington can do.

Chadwick was murdered in 2015 by Jean Jacques, an illegal immigrant from Haiti and one of thousands freed onto U.S. streets each year after they serve prison time because their homelands refuse deportation. But a proposal by Rep. Brian Babin, R-Texas, the Criminal Alien Deportation Enforcement Act, would force such countries to take back their citizens or risk losing foreign aid and travel visa privileges.   Continue reading

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The 107 Year Plan To Destroy America. PS: Your Wages Will Be Cut 60%.

Video Rebel’s Blog

The creation of the Federal Reserve Bank was a coup. The coup plotters were the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers and the Warburgs. Their agents had their first meeting to draft the legislation that became the Federal Reserve Act in a private rail car across the river from Manhattan on November 22, 1910. That rail car took those men to Georgia to their secret meeting  on Jekyll Island. It is no accident that their second coup was on November 22, 1963 when President Kennedy was assassinated. JFK was killed on the 53rd anniversary of their first coup.   Continue reading

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Epic Rap Battle: Gun Owner vs Liberal

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Nancy Pelosi’s Latest Tweets Defending Obamacare Make People Wonder If She Has Dementia And Just Isn’t Telling Anyone

The Daily Sheeple – by Melissa Dykes

With Obamacare in its well-deserved death throes, supposedly “affordable” care act champion Nancy Pelosi has taken to Twitter to rigorously defend her piece of crap legislation to its bitter end with hilarious Tweets that come across as proof that she has completely lost touch with reality in a way that she should probably go get professional medical advice on.

The bandwagon of fail really kicked into full swing a few weeks ago when Pelosi sent this out… and apparently she wasn’t joking:   Continue reading

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Trump pick for NSC post Crowley to step down: transition official

Yahoo News

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Monica Crowley, the foreign policy adviser tapped for a White House job under President-elect Donald Trump, will relinquish the post, a transition official told Reuters on Monday.

Crowley had been chosen to serve as senior director of strategic communications at the National Security Council. Her appointment had been shadowed by reports of plagiarism in news outlets including CNN and Politico.   Continue reading

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Netanyahu’s former driver gets 27 years for raping minors

Times of Israel

A Former driver for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was sentenced on Sunday to 27 years in prison for rape, sodomy and “indecent acts” of a sexual nature against six minors.

Ilan Shmuel, 54, from Zecharia, an agricultural village outside Beit Shemesh, was convicted in September. Prosecutors said in October that they were seeking a 40-year prison term.   Continue reading

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Several People Shot During MLK Day Celebration

CBS Miami

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Several people have been shot while celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day at a Miami park on Monday.

The shooting happened at around 4 p.m. at Martin Luther King Jr. Park located at 6000 NW 32nd Court.

Miami-Dade police said eight people were shot. Two of the eight were grazed and are already back with family on the scene.   Continue reading

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Fake News: The Fake-Stream Media Devours Itself

The Great Recession Blog

When their Anointed One lost the election, big television news networks and primary newspapers coined the term “fake news” because they were angry at alternative media for eroding deep into their domain. It was time to expose these fakers because audiences were fleeing to alternatives to establishment media as certainly as they fled to alternatives to establishment politicians.   Continue reading

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