Florida police force motorists out of their vehicles at gunpoint for minor traffic violations


An article in WUFT.org revealed that Florida police are forcing motorists out of their vehicles at gunpoint for minor traffic violations.

“When Keyon Young was asked during a traffic stop one morning last month to step back to a deputy’s vehicle, he remained in his car out of confusion.”

“Young, 18, called his mother when Alachua County Sheriff’s Deputy Thomas Thueson pulled him over, telling her he had no idea why Thueson was asking him to get out of his car. His mother, Chanae Jackson-Baker, advised him to remain in his car with his hands on the steering wheel until she could find out what was going on from dispatch.”  Continue reading

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Open Range (2003) – “You the one who killed our friend?”

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Israel passes Jewish-only ‘national self-determination’ law despite outcry


The Israeli Knesset has approved the ‘nation-state bill’ that promotes Jewish-only settlements, downgrades Arab language status and limits the right to self-determination to Jews. Arab MPs chided the law as racist.

The bill, which has the status of a basic law (approximately the same as a constitutional law in countries with a written constitution), was passed overnight to Thursday with 62 votes in favor and 55 against after hours of fierce argument and debate. It will now come into force as soon as it’s published in the Knesset’s Official Gazette.  Continue reading

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Donald Trump’s Turnberry firm paid £50,000 by US Government for weekend visit

The Scotsman

Donald Trump’s Turnberry firm was paid more than £50,000 by his own government to cover the accommodation bill for his weekend stay at his loss-making resort, The Scotsman can reveal.

US federal government spending records seen by this newspaper show a series of payments worth a total of £52,477 were made by the State Department to SLC Turnberry Limited, the company behind the South Ayrshire hotel and golf course.  Continue reading

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Republican state lawmaker in Texas calls for Trump’s impeachment


A Republican state lawmaker in Texas penned a scathing op-ed Wednesday in which he dragged President Donald Trump’s moral character and called for his impeachment.

Texas state Rep. Jason Villalba (R-Dallas) warned Americans that they will be “equally culpable in what [Trump] has planned for our great nation” if they don’t take immediate action against him.   Continue reading

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Leading voting machine company admits it lied, reveals that its voting machines ship backdoored, with pre-installed remote access software

Boing Boing

Election Systems and Software is America’s leading voting machine vendor, a category notorious for buggy, insecure software and rampant manufacturer misconduct. As the 2018 elections loom, voting machine companies are coming under scrutiny, and when veteran security reporter Kim Zetter asked them, on behalf of the New York Times, if their products shipped with backdoors allowing remote parties to access and alter them over the internet, they told her unequivocally that they did not engage in this practice.

But now, in a letter to Senator Ron Wyden [D-OR], they admit that they lied, and that they “provided pcAnywhere remote connection software … to a small number of customers between 2000 and 2006.”   Continue reading

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Oregon Supreme Court Sets Up New Limits For Digital Device Searches

Tech Dirt – by Tim Cushing

Searching digital things isn’t like searching physical things. But a majority of Fourth Amendment jurisprudence relies on making inapt comparisons between houses/papers and devices capable of holding several housefuls of papers, communications, photos, etc.

Guidelines for digital searches are an inexact science. Given the nature of these searches, there’s clearly room for abuse. It’s almost inevitable. Access must be granted to an entire device (computer, phone, hard drive) to find what’s sought as evidence. Files aren’t named incriminating.docx so files must be opened to determine their contents. In almost all digital searches, law enforcement gets the haystack and then goes looking for needles.  Continue reading

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Luxury doomsday bunkers selling for $2.3 million, complete with pool

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US Embassy in Jerusalem to cost more than $21 million — nearly 100 times President Trump’s estimate

ABC News

President Donald Trump may have written the book on deal-making, but when it comes to the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem, it appears he won’t be getting the bargain he wanted.

Documents filed with the official database of federal spending show that the State Department awarded the Maryland-based company Desbuild Limak D&K a contract for $21.2 million to design and build an “addition and compound security upgrades” at the embassy. These updates will be made to the former consular building in Jerusalem — the embassy’s temporary location.   Continue reading

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CBS Reporter Accidentally Witnesses Illegal Border Crossing, Gets Threatened

Your Destination Now

Last week, CBS reporter David Begnaud posted a video online of his tense encounter with a human trafficker at the southern border as he witnessed two migrants guided across the Rio Grande “in broad daylight” just a few hundred yards from a border checkpoint.

Begnaud — whom John Sexton notes is the same reporter who debunked the false claims about the iconic “crying girl” photograph — went down to the border at Roma, Texas for a story about plans to survey the land for a future security fence. Stationed at a “lookout point” near a U.S. Customs checkpoint, Begnaud and his producer drove over the international bridge to the Mexican side of the river, leaving the camera crew on the American side.
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Housing Market Collapse 2.0 Has Begun

The Great Recession

A summer storm is gathering against the housing market all across the US. More than a year ago, I predicted the collapse of Housing Bubble 2.0 and then predicted as soon as the housing market collapse had begunthat it would see temporary reprieve until the summer of 2018.

Well, that reprieve has ended … two months ahead of the schedule I suggested as an outlier. The storm clouds are now evident across the entire nation. More importantly, lightning is already striking in the nation’s healthiest housing markets.   Continue reading

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Kavanaugh: Warrantless Data Collection “is entirely consistent with the Fourth Amendment”

Phillip Schneider

On July 9th, President Trump’s announced Brett Kavanaugh as his nominee for the Supreme Court to replace retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy, and who has already begun facing intense scrutiny over issues such as Roe V. Wade, the Second Amendment, and Net Neutrality.  

However, Kavanaugh’s stance on the Fourth Amendment runs in opposition to what most Americans believe, that the government should not be collecting the personal information of American citizens without a warrant.    Continue reading

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How to Create a Personal Emergency Preparedness Binder (with FREE Templates)

The Organic Prepper

You can buy prepping books, stockpile food, and learn first aid, but unless you have organized your personal information and documents, the aftermath of an ordinary disaster is going to be much more difficult. Mind you, I’m not talking about an apocalyptic situation that changes the world as we know it, but something like a house fire, a flood, or a tornado. That’s why every prepper needs a personal emergency preparedness binder.  Continue reading

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Bodycam Shows Officer Shooting at Suspect Through Windshield

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There Seems to be Growing Concern About Biological Attacks: What Do They Know That We Don’t?

The Organic Prepper

One thing I have learned after being involved in alternative journalism for all these years is that coincidences often lead toward some concrete event. Recently, some coincidences I have noticed have been related to biological attacks.

It’s always rather subtle but there are definitely patterns that can sometimes lead up to large, horrifying events. Now, the good news is that this is not always the case. Sometimes, there are genuinely unrelated events that mean absolutely nothing. But, I still believe it’s important to pay attention, don’t you?   Continue reading

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LGPA’s facial recognition “hospitality program” to be used to convince fans that everyone is a potential terrorist


Golf fans will be happy to know that the LPGA considers every fan a potential terrorist.

Last week an article in Sport Techie revealed that the LPGA is using NEC’s biometric NeoFace facial recognition technology to identify every fan.

Why would the LGPA use facial recognition to spy on fans?   Continue reading

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Jury Nullifies Georgia Weed Law, Finds Man Not Guilty Despite Admittedly Growing Marijuana

Free Thought Project – by John Vibes

Laurens County, GA – Javonnie Mondrea McCoy is a medical marijuana patient in a state where the plant is still illegal and was recently in court facing charges of possession and manufacturing. McCoy grew cannabis for his own personal consumption to treat severe headaches and other pain that he has suffered since he spent two weeks in a coma in 2003 after being severely beaten.

Instead of attempting to fight the case on the grounds that the evidence against him was wrong, McCoy instead argued that the laws were wrong. He was honest about his experience and his medical use of cannabis during the trial, and the jury acquitted his case, despite the evidence against him.   Continue reading

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Four Years Ago Today, Cops Killed Eric Garner and the Only Person in Jail Is the Man Who Filmed It

Free Thought Project – by Matt Agorist

Four years have now elapsed since New York City Police Officer Daniel Pantaleo choked Eric Garner to death for the apparently egregious crime of selling loose cigarettes — but the only one related to the case who faced any punishment so far for what many believe to be a cold-blooded murder is the man who filmed it.

In October of 2016, Ramsey Orta — the man who filmed Pantaleo choke the life from Garner — was sentenced to four years in prison for drugs and gun charges that were conveniently brought against him after he became famous for taking the video that fateful day.   Continue reading

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Genetically Modified Babies Given Go Ahead By UK Ethics Body

World Events and the Bible

WEB Notes: First it was Dolly the sheep right, they cloned her. I am sure there were things in between since then, but what jumps out to me next is the three-parent baby, you remember that one…

Now science seeks to improve on God’s Creation by modifying our DNA to create a designer baby or baby with a few less defects.
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