Chased and assaulted by 2 officers in Dallas very unprofessional!

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Violence Breaks Out In Washington D.C. As Protesters Engage Police

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

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President Donald Trump Inaugural Address 1/20/17

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You have promised allot of things that will restore our Republic to greatness Mr. Trump, Now Show Me

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Quantum Theory Sheds Light On What Happens When We Die: The Afterlife

Collective Evolution – by Joe Martino

The biggest question so many of us have in life, one that we have been seeking to answer for years: what happens when we die?

Even modern day science seeks to answer this question. Where does human consciousness come from and what is its origin? Is it simply a product of the brain, or if the brain itself is a receiver of consciousness. If consciousness is not a product of the brain, it would mean that our physical bodies are not necessary for its continuation; that awareness can exist outside our bodies.   Continue reading

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China’s latest Hollywood move: Pumping $1B into Paramount movies


Paramount Pictures has announced a $1 billion financing deal with two Chinese firms, strengthening the U.S. studio’s ties with a lucrative but difficult market.

Huahua Media and Shanghai Film Group will put money into all Paramount’s films over the next three years, the companies said in a statement. The Chinese firms will even set up an office on the Paramount lot later this year.   Continue reading

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Portland firefighters to visit homes, check on chronically ill

The Oregonian – by Jessica Floum

Portland Fire & Rescue will start a pilot program in which firefighters and paramedics make home visits to help chronically ill patients recently discharged from a local hospital avoid readmission.

The City Council unanimously adopted the program Wednesday. Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center will contract city firefighters, paramedics and nurses to check on at-risk patients it discharges to homes in Portland.    Continue reading

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Executive actions ready to go as Trump prepares to take office


Donald Trump is preparing to sign executive actions on his first day in the White House on Friday to take the opening steps to crack down on immigration, build a wall on the U.S.-Mexican border and roll back outgoing President Barack Obama’s policies.

Trump, a Republican elected on Nov. 8 to succeed Democrat Obama, arrived in Washington on a military plane with his family a day before he will be sworn in during a ceremony at the U.S. Capitol.   Continue reading

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Pesticide linked to Parkinson’s disease being sold in US, already banned in Europe

Natural News – by Vicki Batts

Like other pesticides, paraquat has been the subject of controversy for some time now. In Switzerland, for example, the toxic substance has been banned since 1989. The rest of the European Union has followed the Swiss’ lead, including England — even though there is still a factory there where paraquat is manufactured for export. (RELATED: Follow more news headlines on pesticides at

Even China has phased out the use of paraquat. In 2012, the Chinese government announced that the pesticide would no longer be used in order to “safeguard people’s lives.” China is not a nation that is recognized for its environmental protection policies. If they’re concerned about this pesticide, it stands to reason we should be too.   Continue reading

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Thin Edge of the Thick Wedge

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From The Trenches Radio January 19, 2017

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Private Intelligence Contractors Emerge As An Influential Force Inside the United States

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Styx – Grand Illusion

Thought this was appropriate for today… Good morning.

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Rulers Over the Masters of the World

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5 reasons why you should be ‘dying’ to cut back on sugar

Natural News – by Isabelle Z

Some people try to cut their sugar intake to help prevent cavities or in an attempt to try to shed a few pounds. However, even if you are blessed with exceptional dental health and a trim figure, there are plenty of other excellent reasons you should kick sugar to the curb.

In a new book called The Case Against Sugar, health journalist Gary Taubes singles out sugar as the main reason that people around the world are dying every second from diseases that were once unheard of in places that did not consume a Western diet or adopt a Western lifestyle. Here is a look at five of the best reasons you might want to skip the candy aisle and give up sugar for good.    Continue reading

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McCanney Wing Generator

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Arizona Supreme Court Hears ‘Neighborhood Profiling’ Case

Courthouse News – by Victoria Prieskop

PHOENIX (CN) — Arizona told its state Supreme Court on Wednesday why police officers have reasonable cause to justify a pat-down search based on a person’s location and company.

As Anthony Benard Primous sat outside a Phoenix apartment complex with three other men in February 2102, police officers arrived seeking someone with an outstanding felony warrant. After one man ran away and another admitted he was holding marijuana, the officers searched Primous and found two grams of marijuana.   Continue reading

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A 7-Pound Premature Baby Died After Receiving 8 Vaccine Doses, Her Death Was Blamed On Co-Sleeping Instead Of The Toxic Vaccines

Vac Truth – by Augustina Ursino

In Louisiana, another infant has died following routine vaccinations. Aysia Hope Clark was born nearly a month and a half premature. When she was six weeks old, her doctor detected a heart murmur. He then had the nurse administer eight vaccine doses into her tiny little body.

Ten days later, which is a critical time children die from vaccine-related injuries, Aysia stopped breathing, her heart stopped beating and she died while sleeping on her mother’s arm. [1,2]   Continue reading

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JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick

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Ex-Intel Committee Member Bombshell… Before 12 p.m. Friday, Obama Will Pardon Clintons

Conservative Tribune

Many Americans of all political stripes were upset that President Barack Obama issued a commutation of the prison sentence of Army Pvt. Bradley/Chelsea Manning, who had been convicted of stealing and leaking hundreds of thousands of classified military documents.

Former Minnesota Congresswoman and ex-Intelligence Committee member Michele Bachmann appeared Wednesday on Rusty Humphries’ “Trending Today USA” radio program on the USA Radio Network to discuss the issue — but there was actually a different pardon from Obama that Bachmann was more concerned about.   Continue reading

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