Trump on Obama golfing: ‘I don’t have time for that’

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Trump’s 13th golf course visit in 65 days

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Oklahoma authorities: Homeowner’s son kills 3 burglars

Fox News

Oklahoma authorities say three would-be burglars have been fatally shot by a homeowner’s son who was armed with a rifle.

The Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office received a call around 12:30 p.m. Monday from someone inside a home who told dispatchers that people had broken into the house and that shots had been fired.   Continue reading

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No…Government Can’t “Be Run Like A Great American Company”

Ron Paul Liberty Report – by Chris Rossini

President Trump is creating a new “White House Office of American Innovation” (read: a new bureaucracy) with his son-in-law Jared Kushner at the helm. Kushner said over the weekend: “The government should be run like a great American company.”

Sorry, can’t happen.

It’s literally an impossibility.
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ICE arrests 26 illegal immigrants while they are carrying out community service as part of parole deals

Daily Mail

Immigration agents swooped on a group of men carrying out community service in Fort Worth, Texas and arrested 26 illegal immigrants who were out on parole.

Yesterday’s operation was one of the biggest carried out by Immigration and Customs Enforcement in north Texas.

Tarrant County Sheriff Bill Waybourn said those arrested had been convicted of a range of low-level felonies and high-level misdemeanors and had been released from jail by mistake.

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Largest Cyclone to hit Australia in Years

Investment Watch

Hitting North of Brisbane, the biggest in nearly 10 years….

Surge tides of 4 metres +

Coastal towns being evacuated ongoing for the last 12 hours   Continue reading

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Inside your backside: Giant inflatable colon helps demystify colon cancer

BBC News

Hundreds were welcomed to explore a nearly 13-meter long inflatable colon – complete with unhealthy polyps and lesions – on Saturday in Kahnawake, a Mohawk reserve near Montreal.

The colon, which was outside of the Knights of Columbus Club, is on tour with the Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada. Organizers say the giant inflatable section of the digestive system is a way to bring awareness to colon cancer.   Continue reading

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U.S. attorney general says sanctuary cities may see federal grants cut

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The Babel Curse

Lost Horizons

As long as the “tax honesty” community continues to embrace, or even just tolerate, a cacophony of unharmonious notions, the path to victory will continue to elude far too many good folks.

SO, THE STORY GOES LIKE THIS: Back in the day, humans were getting confident in themselves. They decided to build a tower to the heavens in a city called Babel.   Continue reading

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Russia creates ‘unstoppable’ hypersonic Zircon missile with Navy destroying 4,600mph speed

Yahoo News

Russia claims to have created a devastating hypersonic missile that travels five times faster than the speed of sound and could rip through navy warship defences because it’s too fast to stop.

The Kremlin’s Zircon missile has been called “unstoppable”, “unbeatable” and “undefendable” with a 4,600mph speed that only one defence system in the world can destroy – that system is owned by Russia.   Continue reading

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The Word From the Trenches – March 27, 2017

TWFTTJoin in on the conversation. Call (641) 715-3610 then enter 220029#, press *6 to mute and unmute.

You can listen on our player.

To listen on a smart phone, just click this link: It will ask if you want to download or execute. Click “Execute”. Then on the next screen, Complete action using, click “Google Play Music”.

Get together in our chat room: The Pub.

Archive: TWFTT 3-27-17

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Cops Go to Innocent Woman’s Home, Shoot Her Dog for No Reason, Take No Responsibility

Free Thought Project – by Jack Burns

Eastview, KY — Kaytlin McClure didn’t call the police. She had no need to do so. She was just minding her own business in her own home this week, when the police dropped by late at night to pay her a visit. They were canvassing the neighborhood and wanted McClure’s help with their search for a fugitive. But rather than catching their man, they shot her dog.

In a Facebook post, McClure described her babies.   Continue reading

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Maryland honor student plotted to bomb and shoot up high school – police


An 18-year-old Maryland high school student is facing charges related to an alleged plot to attack her school in April using a shotgun and explosive materials. She kept a detailed journal of her plans and the school’s emergency procedures.

Nicole Cevario, 18, gathered bomb-making materials, ammunition and a shotgun, according to the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office, but never brought them to her school, Catoctin High School in Thurmont, Maryland.   Continue reading

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South Korean prosecutors push to arrest ousted president

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — South Korean prosecutors said Monday that they want to arrest former President Park Geun-hye over the corruption allegations that triggered a huge political scandal and toppled her from power.

The move comes after prosecutors grilled Park for 14 hours last week over suspicions that she colluded with a jailed confidante to extort from companies and committed other wrongdoing when she was in office.   Continue reading

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Oklahoma police officer dies after traffic-stop shooting

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — A 22-year-old officer and new recruit died Monday morning after a shootout with a man who fled a traffic stop in central Oklahoma, police said. Officer Justin Terney was shot several times late Sunday and died after undergoing surgery overnight, Tecumseh Assistant Police Chief J.R. Kidney said.

Terney had only graduated from the police academy last summer, Kidney said. “He was a very young officer, just getting a start,” he said. “He was taken way too soon.” The man who fired on Terney was also shot multiple times and in intensive care Monday morning, Kidney said. Police have not released his identity.   Continue reading

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Some balk as Seattle seeks to spend more money on homeless

SEATTLE (AP) — Sixteen months after he declared a state of emergency on homelessness, Seattle’s mayor is asking voters in this liberal, affluent city for $55 million a year in new taxes to fight the problem.

Some are pushing back, saying the city already spends millions to combat homelessness, and things appear to have gotten worse, not better. In making his case, Mayor Ed Murray says the problem has grown exponentially and federal and state help is unlikely. He wants voters to support a proposed ballot initiative that would increase property taxes to raise $275 million over five years for homeless services — almost doubling what Seattle spends each year.   Continue reading

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Israel’s Mossad may have turned French spies into double agents during joint op – report


Israeli intelligence agency Mossad attempted to turn French spies into double agents during a joint operation in Syria, Le Monde newspaper reported, citing a French intelligence report.

The report, part-published by the French daily, reveals Mossad’s efforts to develop relationships with French spies between 2010 and 2011, in an effort to achieve its goal of turning them into double agents and obtain sensitive information for Tel Aviv.   Continue reading

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PYD/YPG: The British Deep State’s Pawn In Syria

Once the ostensible reasons of the war that caused the death and displacement of hundreds of thousands of people in Syria are set aside we need to look 200 years back in order to understand what has actually happened. The main target of the “Big Game” that had gradually developed by the onset of 19th century was to disintegrate and weaken Russia and the Ottoman Empire, the two great powers of the North Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Caucasus.
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NBC News Signs Former Obama Press Secretary To Provide “Unbiased” Political Commentary

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

On its ‘Today Show’ earlier this morning, NBC revealed that it has signed former Obama White House press secretary Josh Earnest as a political analyst.  Earnest is expected to provide political commentary on NBC and MSNBC.

And, in an hilarious welcoming statement, the Today Show’s Savannah Guthrie warned Earnest that he would now have to disavow himself of his political bias to provide impartial political analysis…just before inviting him to take shots at Republicans.   Continue reading

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Nebraska Democratic Party donates ‘Refugee Welcome Baskets’ with voter registration forms

Conservative Review – by Chris Pandolfo

The Nebraska Democratic Party is welcoming refugees with open arms, welcome baskets … and voter registration forms.

A donation drive organized by the NDP collected some 50 gift baskets for refugees. Each contained items like diapers and kitchen utensils, a welcome letter from the Nebraska Democratic Party signed by its chairwoman Jane Kleeb, and a voter registration form, according to a video posted to Facebook by the Nebraska Democratic Party.   Continue reading

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