Police facial recognition cameras track our every movement


Soon, just about everywhere you go, police will be using facial recognition cameras to track your every movement. Police facial recognition cameras are being used on bridges, tunnels and CCTV cameras to name a few.

Cops use facial recognition cameras on bridges, tunnels, airports and transit hubs  

“New York [City] is increasingly a target of threats to security. In recognition of this threat, the New York Crossings Project will integrate emerging technologies into the security design of bridges and tunnels across the state, deploying additional personnel and equipment. At each crossing, and at structurally sensitive points on bridges and tunnels, advanced cameras and sensors will be installed to read license plates and test emerging facial recognition software and equipment. These technologies will be applied across airports and transit hubs – including the Penn-Farley Complex – to ultimately develop one system-wide plan.”

Fyi, New York has switched to the new Pay-By-Plate surveillance system. (Click here & here to find out more)

 Anti-Terrorism cops, State Police and the National Guard are spying on everyone

“Anti-terrorism teams will be combined with traffic enforcement at crossings and will develop new operating protocols across agencies. Approximately 525 TBTA officers will provide security and traffic management at bridges and tunnels and will collaborate with State Police on toll enforcement; 150 members of State Police Troop NYC will be assigned at crossings to handle security and anti-terror activities; and 150 National Guardsmen will reinforce troopers on security and anti-terror initiatives. Special barricade trucks will be positioned at both ends of each crossing to serve as intercept vehicles and mobile barriers in the event of an emergency.” (TBTA stands for the Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority Police.)

How is this possible? Anti-Terrorism cops, State Police and the National Guard spying on everyone, what’s next Anti-Government Police?

As I mentioned last week, don’t believe all the BS about terrorism, we’re living in the safest time in history!

“All of these emotions, especially fear, whip people up into a state of alarm and they become angry and almost evangelical about what they believe. “It’s like a disease infecting millions of people around the country” filmmaker Jen Senko said.

According to the FBI, violent crime in America is at 1970’s level’s.

The future of policing: Facial recognition in every police vehicle

Nearly, eight years have passed, since the Los Angeles Police Department first tested the Pontiac G8 Commodore police vehicle. What makes the G8 so special, it came equipped with facial recognition software! In 2013, the NYPD began testing a “smart” police vehicle that might include fingerprint readers and facial recognition. And in 2014, police in Kissimmee, Florida tested the “Ekin” patrol car which also comes equipped with facial recognition.

Are you beginning to see a pattern?

“Ekin” is based in Turkey and they boast about being, “the first and only smart patrol of the world that performs number plate recognition, face recognition, and speed and parking violation detection on the move.”

Imagine a future where your license plate and face are instantly identified. That’s the future of American policing. (Click here & here to find out more)

“Ekin” claims they can identify peoples faces while the vehicle is moving. “Detection and analysis of faces in the field of view and recognition over digital matching.” The “Ekin” patrol vehicle has a 360-degree view.

It won’t be long, before every police vehicle has facial recognition. Below, is a list of police vehicles available in America:

A recent study called, “The Perpetual Line-Up; Unregulated facial Recognition in America” warns, that 1/2 of all Americans faces are entered into a facial recognition database. The report also warns, that over 117 million Americans faces are entered into the database.

    “One in two American adults is in a law enforcement face recognition network.”

Police will know who you are and where you’re going in real-time

In the not too distant future, police will know exactly who you are and where you’ve been. And they’ll know whether you’re headed to work, the grocery store or the movies.This is the future of living in Police State America. It’s also, what Ekin’s “Red Eagle” operating system can do…

Police use facial recognition with live CCTV camera feeds

Earlier this year, I warned everyone that police are using thousands of public and private CCTV cameras to spy on everything we do. Click here to read my four-part series exposing how police are creating a giant facial recognition database on everyone.

Cops admit facial recognition cameras will be in every vehicle

Former police officer Christopher Hawk, reveals the real reason why facial recognition software isn’t in every vehicle.If and when in-car facial recognition systems become reliable and affordable enough to be put into squad cars he said.”

Is this the America you want, where everyone’s afraid and thinks potential terrorists or extremists could be outside their front door?

 Perhaps, DHS should adopt a new slogan, “Keeping Americans in Fear, Its What We Do.”

image credit: Chapman University


5 thoughts on “Police facial recognition cameras track our every movement

  1. We have to offer solutions here.
    I’ve solved this problem.
    I drive past the cameras with a blow up doll with a harry ass shoved into the driver side dash butt first.
    Then they can’t tell which asswhole was driving.
    I don’t smile…that gives it away.

  2. I’m skeptical that this system will deliver anything close to the results they suggest with their marketing. Face recognition loses accuracy when applied to large populations.

    Neverthess, the technology exists, so we’ll have to deal with it. The obvious answer to face recognition is to hide your face and entire head, at least to the greatest extent you can.

    If hiding the entire head would draw attention, wear a hoodie and sunglasses so only a frontal camera shot will “get” you. Keep your head down (look at your feet) while walking near cameras. Hiding the eyes and the area around them is especially important. Nighttime and darkness are advantageous; cameras might still be able to see, but not in color.

    Once people have truly had enough of the police state, no one will care about their identities being captured by cameras, because it will be like a giant prison riot with well-armed prisoners.

  3. USA is a supermax prison .. period

    if you know of a way or can find a way to obscure your face daily , i suggest you make it a habit

    i have found some creative ways to not give my unaltered face to a camera

  4. One point to question about this is this is this.
    So ‘if’ this is true, how is it that these same camera’s commonly don’t capture all the events and peoples involved in the Soros hired antagonists?
    And, with such sophisticated algorithms being written into the ‘software’ programs, why weren’t algorithms written in their to distinguish the difference between a gun and an I phone?
    Finally why has the very definition of ‘resistance against tyranny’ been twisted by the courts, etc. to exonerate those doing tyranny?
    And, from being prosecuted for their tyranny on these very same cameras?
    It is sadly evident that what we are seeing and experiencing is wholesale murder of every aspect of society.
    It’s being committed by the police/policy/corporate enforcers and Militarys world over.
    They are licensed to murder.
    All they have to speak are the words ‘stop resisting’ and ‘I was in fear of my life’ and damn all the evidence the camera’s captured.
    This is blatant hypocrisy.
    Lady justice isn’t just blind anymore. She’s a whore. She’s become the see, hear and speak no evil prostitute for 30 shekels.
    She serves her pimp who is these filthy satanist global elites.
    They think they own you and I and everything else and they’ve been getting away with their crimes for a long time.
    But, this is going to come to an end.

  5. Conversely, however, we don’t need any recognition technology to identify THOSE POS SCUMBAGS.

    They proudly wear their treason on their bodies.

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