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They took down Robert E. Lee today :(

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14 Responses to They took down Robert E. Lee today :(

  1. GrayRider says:

    “Governor, if I had foreseen the use those people designed to make of their victory, there would have been no surrender at Appomattox Courthouse; no sir, not by me. Had I foreseen these results of subjugation, I would have preferred to die at Appomattox with my brave men, my sword in my right hand.” — Robert E. Lee (1807-1872) General-in-Chief of the Confederate States army. Source: To Governor Fletcher S. Stockdale (September 1870), as quoted in The Life and Letters of Robert Lewis Dabney, pp. 497-500

  2. GrayRider says:

    Joan Baez – The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down:

  3. Darkone666 says:

    Don’t worry they’ll be going back up soon!

    • galen says:

      Oh you dear optimist!! I hope with all my soul that you are right!!

    • GrayRider says:

      I’d like to know who bought them; or were they just cut up for scrap metal and sold to Red China?

      I couldn’t afford the freight to get them here but I do have a big enough yard to honor the General; J.E.B. Stuart; Mosby or any of our youngins’ that died at Lookout Mountain or Bull Run, etc;~(


  5. Clarioncaller says:

    Here’s the difference……..Gen. Robert E. Lee was born, lived, and died with the same name. It can’t be said for Lenin who had some Khazarian jew name before he changed it.

  6. Enemy of the State says:

    They just keep stacking up the reasons why I’m such a misenthropic person

    I don’t necessary hate someone personally any more than I hate what so many humans represent

    And I get sht sometimes from people when I say if we got hit with an EMP it might be one of the best things to ever happen to mankind

  7. flek says:

    Next comes the rewritten history books that paints white southerners as the devil incarnate worse than hitler.

    For Example:

    “…how the insidious white slave owners tossed the poor, helpless black slaves into cotton gins for fun, raped every black slave girl on the plantation. and performed gruesome experiments on them even making their whips and the first basketballs from their slave’s skin.

    And who can forget the story of poor Tyronda Frank who hid from the whites with the help of her saintly ‘jewish’ neighbors who helped her get away on the underground railroad…”

    Sarcastic, yeah sure, but they will rewrite the history to demonize white southerners.

    This is all part of the white genocide agenda. First, whites must be demonized and demoralized so they don’t resist the disarming and subsequent slaughter.

    Sadly, most whites don’t even realize they’re being hunted, nor who’s hunting them and why.


  8. GrayRider says:

    With tears in the eyes of a Full Grown MAN I told my Dearest One:

    We’d better get back to Leesburg Virginia soon before they burn his house down and change the name to Kaganville;~(

  9. GrayRider says:

    I wasn’t a member of the ‘Army of Northern Virginia’ so I did NOT surrender and neither did my horse … and Lee could not surrender for me!

    General Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson
    General Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson: (If the North triumphs, it is not alone the destruction of our property; it is the prelude to anarchy, infidelity, the ultimate loss of free and responsible government on this continent. It is the triumph of commerce, the banks and factories. We should meet the Federal invader on the outer verge of just and right defense and raise at once the black flag. No quarter to the violator of our homes and firesides!);

    1st Virginia Cavalry
    |notable_commanders= Colonel [[J.E.B. Stuart]] Colonel [[William E. Jones|William “Grumble” Jones]] …July 1861, under the command of Colonel [[J.E.B. Stuart|James Ewell Brown (J.E.B.) Stuart]] at the command of General [[Stonewall Jackson|Thomas Jackson]]. 5 KB (635 words) – 07:08, 26 August 2015

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