On the grassy median of Park Avenue, overlooked by the homes of some of the richest people in the world, a bronze plaque is entombed in concrete to insure that we never forget one of the heroes of America’s revolutionary war.

It’s not a general, or even a foot soldier, but instead the plague honors a prostitute who somehow delayed British officers long enough to allow George Washington and his troops to escape from New York.   Continue reading “Hate Speech”

SHTF Plan – by Mac Slavo

The town of Cherán was once plagued by people claiming the right to rule over them and now they live peaceful lives free of violence. After the town of 20,000 people in Mexico decided to take matters into their own hands by kicking out politicians, cops, and criminals, the now completely voluntary society is running great and the people finally have freedom and peace.

Cherán is now run by autonomous groups of armed individuals acting on a voluntary basis, with no one making laws, but no one harming each other either.  Choosing to work together instead of submitting to the authoritarian regime previously claiming ownership over the town and those who reside in it, the people couldn’t be doing better now that they’ve grabbed a firm hold of their freedom.   Continue reading “A Mexican Town OVERTHREW Their Local Government And Things Are Going Great”

John Kaminski

Only pro-Jewish thoughts now allowed in public discourse

Hard choice: whether to eat or think? Bite your tongue or lose your job?

Already they are demanding medical professionals receive toxic vaccinations in order to remain employed. <http://naturalsociety.com/22000-nurses-refuse-mandatory-vaccinations/>   Continue reading “Your Thoughts Are Not Permitted”

Does your life lack spiritual direction? Is it difficult to find a church that accepts freaks like you? Have you spent years in search of a religion that’s twisted enough to promote greed, deceit, and condone your indulgence in any perversion?

Look no further, because your new life as a Jew will open these doors and more, as you learn to meddle in the lives of others, cry about being offended while you offend everyone else, bemoan your suffering while inflicting it on others, and get paid for it at the same time.   Continue reading “Instant Jew”

We all know what the “extreme risk protection orders” will degenerate into. With the “government” determined to grab any gun they can, they’re going to use any excuse, real or fabricated, to raid the homes of patriots and seize their weapons.

Yes, a lot of cops will die in this process, but they’re just expendable, and replaceable pawns that need to be sacrificed for the communists’ plans to proceed. Their hiring standards will decline as many cops quit, and every real American refuses the job. They may resort to pinning a badge on any Mexican who’s eager to kill a few gringos, but the disarmament process will continue. The war has arrived.    Continue reading “Deciding To Die”

Let’s assume for a minute that a true patriot, wholeheartedly devoted to saving and serving this country, was allowed to run for president. With an honest vote count he’ll win by a landslide, so let’s also assume that his promises were sincere, and he had every intention of keeping them. He could assemble a cabinet of loyal, intelligent, and wise advisors, and they all might work tirelessly toward the restoration of our Bill of Rights. Even if both houses of congress supporting him, what could he accomplish?

“Don’t screw with us. We killed the Kennedys, we killed Lincoln, and we killed the Romanovs, too. Matter of fact, your pretty daughter looks a little bit like Anastasia, and I’ll bet she can scream just as loudly. We’ve lain whole societies to waste, incinerated millions, starved nations, and killed Kings. We rule the world, and you live because we allow you to. You had your fun being America’s hero, but now it’s time for you to understand how the world really works, because you have a beautiful family, and we wouldn’t want to see anything bad happen to them. We can arrange for you to live like a king, or suffer unimaginable torture, and we do this for our amusement, so I think you should work for us now.”   Continue reading “Death by Banker”

Russia Insider – by Jan Peczkis

The translation of Solzhenitsyn’s book appears to have been done without permission from his family, and this might be why this lengthy and detailed review is no longer available on the page of the book on Amazon.com, where it originally appeared.

The book might disappear altogether from Amazon, so if you want to get your Kindle copy, act now. Otherwise you can find it on many sources on the internet.  Continue reading “Solzhenitsyn’s Damning History of the Jews in Russia – a Review”

The Daily Bell – by Joe Jarvis

To authorize dedicated domestic terrorism offices within the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Justice, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation to analyze and monitor domestic terrorist activity and require the Federal Government to take steps to prevent domestic terrorism.

That’s the text of a bill introduced in Congress on February 2nd called the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act of 2018.

The FBI defines domestic terrorism as “U.S.-based movements that espouse extremist ideologies of a political, religious, social, racial, or environmental nature.”  Continue reading “Domestic Terrorism Bill Targets Patriot Groups and Citizen Militias”

I am hereby announcing my candidacy for the office of the President of the United States in the 2020 election. On the campaign trail I’ll be wearing silver armor, riding on a white horse, and I’ll make every promise that you want to hear. I’ll behave in a very presidential manner, try not to grope anyone when cameras are watching, and of course, make the prerequisite trip to Israel.

I promise the invasion will end, the money will flow, and the American worker will make twice the salary in half the hours. The poor will be rich, the rich will be hanged, freedom, wealth, and justice will be restored, and world peace realized. Someone already used the “chicken in every pot” thing, or I’d promise that too.   Continue reading “Jolly Roger for President”

With great fanfare, the Pentagon has recently released the news that they have in fact been studying unidentified flying objects, also specifying that their study ended in 2012. They may have been lying about the study ending, but if the study did in fact end, it can be assumed that nothing interesting or credible had been found.

No conclusive evidence was disclosed, but instead these revelations amounted to more of the same descriptions of items moving through space in ways unfamiliar to those who are familiar with conventional, Earthly aerodynamics.

I’m not going to suggest that people who have seen UFOs are crazy, drink too much, and nor am I going to attribute their sightings to swamp gas, because I’ve seen some unexplainable flying phenomena myself. I would like to point out however, that just because unidentifiable flying objects are seen, doesn’t necessarily mean they’re extraterrestrial. Isn’t it possible that Earthly technology exists that the general public isn’t aware of? Continue reading “UFO”

The majority of people will always derive a sense of security from having a leader, and in exchange for his alleged protection and guidance, they always grant him some degree of control over their lives. In the same degree that they grant him this power, they sacrifice freedom. This rule of human nature applies to all human societies, whether they be families, tribes, or nations. Where people are weaker, either mentally, physically, or both, they’re more reliant on their leader, and he wields more power over them as a result of this, usually resulting in their subjugation.

Another rule of human nature states that there will always be persons within any group, no matter how large or small, who assume or grasp for this power. Any two humans in one room will mutually, and usually silently agree that one head is above the other on their imaginary totem pole, and if they don’t agree, there will be strife. In a larger room with more people, or across a field or nation, there is much more power to be had, and the more power there is available, the stiffer the competition for it will be. At that level it all boils down to a primeval competition for dominance and control over those who choose not to compete. A rebel among the masses is usually a would-be tyrant who desires political power, but lacks any.   Continue reading “Power”

Your News Wire

Danny Contreras, an eyewitness Las Vegas shooting survivor who publicly claimed there were multiple shooters involved in the attack, has been found dead in an empty house in Las Vegas with multiple gunshot wounds.

His body was found in a vacant home in the northeastern valley after a neighbor heard a man groaning inside the building and called 911. Police say Contreras was dead when they arrived at the 5800 block of East Carey Avenue, near North Nellis Boulevard.   Continue reading “Las Vegas Shooting Witness, Who Described Multiple Gunmen, Found Dead”

I didn’t bother to look into the details of the Vegas shooting because I knew the evidence of another psy-op would be pouring in within hours, and sure enough, we have a taxi driver’s video of a machine gunner shooting from a window on a lower floor. I don’t believe that common people, sane or crazy, ever carry out attacks on large numbers of people, and supporting that belief is the fact that the hidden hand of state sponsorship is always visible before too long whenever mass shootings or terrorist attacks occur. That alone should tell you where the real problem lies.

It’s very possible that similar acts of carnage will start occurring on a weekly, or even a daily basis soon, because our enemy is desperate, and running out of time. We may see enough mass shootings to make all of us sick, and you can also expect that a white, American male will be blamed for every one of them.   Continue reading “Monsters of Las Vegas”

Well it’s not completely dead, but it’s definitely going to need life support, because most of the once-popular sources of real news have sold themselves to Zion, and are now shoveling whatever dung will make them a few bucks. This makes them no better than any other television station.

Alternative news websites were born out of patriotic desire to expose the truth to the American people, but unfortunately, there’s no money in exposing the truth, and in fact, exposing too much truth insures that you’ll never make a dime, regardless of how many people come to your website to read it. Half of the truth is just another lie, and real truth-movers know it.

As a result of Zionist coercion of advertisers, as well as their control of payment systems, there now exists only a precious few websites willing to tell the whole truth, and they can probably use a little financial help. How much do you pay every month to be brainwashed by cable TV? Let’s not forget to donate to the people working to save our country. Without real news, we’re all screwed.   Continue reading “Alternative News is Dead”

The Last Great Stand – by Voice of Reason

Thanks largely to a woefully corrupt and dishonest mainstream media that’s in bed with far-left elites and the Democrat Party, most Americans are asleep at the wheel with regard to how much danger is brewing for the entire nation on Donald Trump’s Inauguration Day. The question only one person seems to be asking is World Net Daily’s Garth Kant, who asks: 

“Could the left really attempt a violent revolution to overthrow the U.S. government and overturn the American way of life?”   Continue reading “Far-Left is Plotting Violent Anti-American Revolution On Inauguration Day”

Everyone does their share in this fight, because everyone knows how important it is to our families, our country, and ourselves. Some people have operated under the radar because the truth would cost them their livelihood, but they still made the arguments, circulated the DVDs, and asked the right questions, all so that the light of truth would someday beam down on another American, and help to save this country from those who would destroy it, and kill us all in the process.

We’ve withstood all manner of slander, the loss of friends and lovers, ostracization, false arrest, and even death, all in this endless quest to educate our fellow Americans to the hidden dangers that lurk behind the public consciousness, and are kept hidden there by deceit, and a propaganda machine so refined and comprehensive that it borders on mass mind-control, if it doesn’t define it.   Continue reading “Censorship.”

I find a lot of humor in the panic being displayed by the Zionist tools commonly referred to as “world leaders.” They’ve invented a new threat to world stability, not just to start another profitable war, but because they’re losing their grip on the minds of the masses who have seen through the endless lies of the Zionist media.

“Fake news” is the new enemy, which they claim is being propagated by the Russians, with the help of any website that publishes the truth rather than their twisted version of reality.  Continue reading “Fake News”

Run for your life; the truth is coming. Get to your safe spaces, eat your comfort foods, and pray that the media can somehow turn their fictitious presentation into a provable reality. Cry, panic, protest and riot, and do whatever else is necessary in your last, desperate attempt to deny that you’ve been lied to for your entire life.

What we’re witnessing in America now is the beginning of a mass-meltdown of the big lie known as “liberalism”, as the media-created illusion finally clashes with the real world, and this collision is causing many ex-believers of the promised utopia to become unglued. They’re speeding around the learning curve, losing traction at the “acceptance” stage of the process, and spinning out of control in anger and confusion.   Continue reading “For “liberals”.”